The risk of lithium toxicity is larger than alternative medications, as a result of the effective dose of lithium is close to the toxic dose. Lithium, a salt chemical, is a drug often used to treat mental and emotional instability, particularly mania and suicidal bipolar disorder.

While most medications may be toxic at higher dosages, effective dosages are sometimes far below the toxic levels would be. Lithium toxicity is common because the effective dose is in close range of the toxic dose. When using this drug in the prescribed carbonate form, blood tests requiring regular measuring of lithium levels within the blood are there beyond extraordinarily important.

Lithium Orotate, sold as a natural supplement for mood stabilization, may be a type of lithium that differs from lithium carbonate, the medication that Dr's normally prescribe. Lithium orotate requires lower dosages as it is claimed to be a lot more absorbent than the carbonate lowering the danger of lithium toxicity and making the drug more effective at the same time.

Lithium orotate is sold over the counter with less supervision required for its use.

Several individuals wonder if promoting lithium orotate as a supplement is a safe plan. Is it advisable to take something as powerful as lithium, without being regulated and watched by a doctor?

Unfortunately rigorous testing has not been performed to validate these findings. Testing for the efficacy of drugs is typically solely done when there is a patent pending, but if a drug can not be patented funding for significant analysis is mostly not possible.

Lithium orotate will hence most certainly not be in a position to be tested as completely as it is necessary to substantiate all the claims created for this supplementary kind of lithium.

As a result of it's low dosage, the supplement is allowed to be sold over the counter (OTC) and is usually sold as a nutritional supplement.

Those against the utilization of lithium orotate claim that even in this low dose, lithium may be a drug that needs tight monitoring. Lithium toxicity can be a true danger as it may have damaging effects on the kidneys, especially when taken over longer periods of time.

The advantages of lithium orotate can not be underestimated though. At a fraction of the cost and reduced toxicity compared to calcium carbonate, lithium orotate is nothing to be sneezed at particularly as anecdotal results are very forthcoming.

Relying on anecdotal evidence may not be enough for a few people to give this new prospect a chance.

It may seem unsafe to rely on your own or others experiences, the facts are it might still be a safer option than the medically prescribed drug. Your own health is your own responsibility and sorting out what works for you is typically the most effective approach for individuals to search out the answers and cures to their illnesses.

When using lithium in the carbonate type, some amount of Lithium toxicity could generally have to be tolerated by the patient so as to induce the therapeutic results.

Symptoms of liver toxicity may vary from gentle to severe tremors of the hands, diarrhea, frequent urination, vomiting, and thirst. Coordination issues and muscle weaknesses, along with a sense drowsiness and giddiness with blurred vision and ringing within the ears also are experienced by some, the long time they're taking lithium.

Because of the pharmaceutical industry's lack of support for un-patentable drugs does not mean you would like to suffer. Anecdotal experiences accompanied by your own self testing could just be what you need to discover what is best for you.

The smart method concerning the use of any supplement that has not been rigorously tested, is to find a doctor who will work with you. Your doctor can make sure you are taking the necessary blood tests to be certain that you are safe and well, when making any attempt to try a new supplement you find yourself unsure of.

Taking part in helping yourself progress towards health is often the simplest thing you can do to help yourself. Is it worth it to end high levels of lithium with potential toxicity, and future danger to the kidneys, when there might be a less toxic alternative?

The arguments goes each way.

But the most important factor is … Do you want to be in control and do your own analysis? Or do you want to be controlled completely by your Dr. who is large controlled by the big Pharmacuetical industry, that does not care about you, but only the amount of the profit they can make off of you being sick?

Would it's honest to those who can actually be helped by the supplementary form of Lithium called Lithium orotate to keep it off the market as a result of it's not been searched, when it is practically not possible to do any kind of in depth analysis as lithium orotate is not patentable, and there is no money for research?

Lithium orotate has helped many individuals. People can take a far lower dosage and nonetheless get the same effects. For individuals who are sensitive to lithium and are at risk of lithium toxicity , this is often a miracle supplement!