So, what are the main causes of panic attacks? Panic attacks can seem to come from nowhere, which can be frustrating and embarrassing for the sufferer, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the possible triggers of these attacks. This way you can be aware of how to defend yourself against them.

Types of Triggers:

Attacks can be caused by both internal triggers, such as memories, emotions, recurring thoughts, and external triggers such as a voice, a smell, an incident or change in circumstances. They could even be animals, items of clothing or pretty much anything that we are exposed to in everyday life.

Avoiding Panic Attack Triggers:

In real-world situations, it is nigh on impossible to completely avoid certain stimulus that could lead to a panic attack occurring. However, being aware that a certain thing or a certain situation is likely to trigger an attack will certainly help you defend yourself. A good idea to build up a resilience to a particular trigger is by gradual exposure.

Overcoming Panic Attack Triggers:

Allow yourself to be around a certain trigger until it starts to become uncomfortable for you, then move away from it and calm yourself. Each time you are exposed to that particular stimulus, try to last a little longer around it. This will not cure your aversion to the trigger itself, but it can help you remain calm and possibly help to hold back an attack.

Do be sure to try this method over time and not all at once, otherwise you may risk suffering an attack that you have caused yourself! take it slowly and allow yourself to adjust naturally.

Over time you will be able to mentally train yourself to be more in control of your reactions to certain stimulus, and while you may not be able to completely overcome your attacks without professional panic attack advice , you will certainly be able to build your confidence, which in itself will help you combat the attacks that you have been suffering.