If you have experienced panic attacks you know that it is definitely not easy to control them. I am going to discuss about the reasons behinds these difficulties and also guide you toward the solution.

Going to the doctors with your problem of panic attacks will likely get you a prescription of Celexa or Xanax. They work amazingly well in managing the attacks by hiding physical symptoms like extreme anxiety, hot flashes and sweating as well as the attack itself. What dims this good news however is the fact that these medications only serve as band aid to your symptoms and not an answer to your defect problem. Your attacks are going to happen again in the future when you decide, for whatever reasons, to stop taking the medicine, not to mention all those uncomfortable symptoms of panic disorders.

Medication as panic attacks treatment are as effective as putting on make up on an aging face. You control the display for a while but you are not stopping the time nor getting any younger. Examples of medicine as stated above come with extreme side effects and it is recommended for you to take them for too long a time.

If you wonder why it is so difficult to treat and overcome these attacks, it is simply because your brain is trapped in an evil cycle that is never ending. You are afraid of an attack and in turn, that fear adds to your anxiety and it all snowballs from there. Then comes the panic attack which causes this to go downhill even faster, leaving you unable to control anything. Halting this process requires special treatments that no medications can provide you.