If you are one of the millions of individuals all over the world who suffer from panic attacks, you are probably asking yourself how to control your attacks. First it is important to understand what a panic or anxiety attack really is.

A panic or an anxiety attack is a brief period of intense fear that strikes an individual without any warning. Panic attack sufferers have symptoms like their heart racing and sometimes have chest pain, shortness of breath, hot flashes, and a feeling of intense dread or a fear of dying or losing control. To understand what a panic attack is can sometimes help sufferers, because often they feel like they are going crazy. In fact, they are not going crazy at all, they are simply having a physical reaction to a hormone that triggers intense fear in the brain.

Another way to control panic or anxiety attacks is to avoid things like alcohol, drugs, and caffeine. These mind and body altering substances seem to have an intensifying effect on people who suffer from panic attacks, so attempting to steer clear of these substances can help control panic attacks.

You can also help avoid these attacks by seeking therapy. For many people, they experienced some kind of trauma that led to the start of the attacks. For others, there was no specific event that triggered them, but a therapist may be able to help the individual learn coping skills to calm themselves down naturally.

Many others choose to control panic or anxiety attacks by use of medication. There are a number of treatments out there to treat different types of attacks using different ingredients. Patients seem to react to one particular pharmaceutical treatment better than others, so a doctor can often go through several medications with a patient before they find the perfect fit.

Typically, you can control your attacks if you implement some of these strategies to help you. It is important to consult with a medical professional to check which options may be best for you, and a doctor can also assist you with managing your stress level which can also help to control panic disorder.