Many people have many theories about panic attacks and how they started, how to treat them, how to recover from them.

The one thing that almost all the experts agree on is that they can be horrific for the sufferer, and the thought of the return is constantly in the sufferer's mind.

These anxiety panic attacks can also have such a debilitating effect on the person, that it can destroy the persons life and lifestyle in so many ways, to the point that the poor person that suffers this illness becomes very withdrawn, shy, housebound, fearful of the next attack, fearful of going to the store, fearful to travel by air and also being afraid to drive. Just to mention a few.

With the onslaught of an anxiety panic attack, the sufferer will become very friveted due to the unexpectedness of it and usually this will happen at the most inconvenient time, example: shopping, driving, out with friends or business associates, which causes the anxiety panic attack to be more ferocious.

And the sufferer will try harder to fight the attack off which only makes it worse. It's a vicious cycle and a hard cycle to break.

The symptoms are many and some are varied the common ones are palpitations, sweating profusely, fear of dying and thinking you are about to die, shortness of breath and choking, uncontrollable trembling, a racing heart beat, dizziness and sometimes false, fear of losing control, and sever stomach upset just to name a few.

I have the answer so you can be free of anxiety panic attacks once and for all.

There are a few steps to follow: this is very important towards your healing.

1. watch what you eat. Fresh foods these are so important. I do not me go out on a diet as I do not believe in diets.
But remember what you put in your body you get out of your body. so try to cut out foods with additives, preservatives and that are processed.

2. Cut down on the foods that have a lot of caffeine in them. Soda, Coffee, and Some Teas. Notice I said cut down not cut out!

3. Use Cold pressed Olive oil in your cooking and switch to flaxseed oil for your salads.

4. Become other people orientated the more we look out for others and help others in need the better off we are. Plus it gives you something else to think about.

For more Surefire tips including free tips on how to end a panic attack in 20 seconds also my super secret tip. You will need to check my blog for more.