Support for ADHD sufferers and their parents is extremely important because it is the key to ADHD survival. Coping with ADHD can be equally difficult for both child and parents. For ADHD sufferers the difficulty of coping in school, keeping a stable and successful job, maintaining a happy relationship with a partner and keeping a functional family life can be tremendous. Among parents of children with ADHD, it is common for them to feel isolated, frustrated, stressed and to struggle with guilt. Here, it is important for all of them to get all the help they could get to survive ADHD.

Online is a goldmine of support for ADHD sufferers and parents. Online organizations provide support, information, advices and share resources and experiences that will help in dealing with ADHD.


This is a family support group that was organized and established 25 years ago by parents of children suffering with ADHD. The organization is based in Ireland, and the name is an acronym for Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder. The mission of the organization is to provide support to ADHD sufferers and their parents by raising ADHD awareness, providing support to those who have to deal with the disease and sharing experiences and ADHD information. The organization is open for adults with ADHD, parents of children who have ADHD and health professionals. ( )

Conduct Disorders

This is not an online support group, but it is an online community for all parents who are raising children who are difficult and resistant to traditional or normal parenting approach or style. This organization is not exclusive for parents with children who have ADHD only. Members help one another by coming up with an intervention plan that will probably work for a specific child. The organization also serves as an online resource that will help parents with children who have ADHD make educated and well-informed decisions about their children's future. ( )


An important online online support for ADHD sufferers who are mothers. Mothers can discuss online their parenting ADHD issues and find support through online forums. Also, the website provides helpful and educational articles on how to deal with ADHD and children with ADHD.

Other online support groups worth checking are CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) and the New Zealand ADHD Support Group.

There are many online support organizations and groups for ADHD sufferers and their parents; Reach out and maximize the use of help available online to successfully deal with ADHD.