An anxiety attack is the cause of extreme panic or anxiety caused in a person. This can be due to distress or even provoked. Some people react to stress in this fashion. It is so very essential to control our mind. It is just about replacing it with thoughts. A therapist can actually help a person with anxiety disorder deal with the problem. Initially, one may face a lot of confusion but with confidence it is surely possible to improve the way we think and behave. Some medicines may also be given initially to create a calming atmosphere around the person.

We need a society. An anxiety attack can make the person retreat to a shell. This can cause further problems as loneliness never did anyone good. The best way to deal with the anxiety attack is to understand that this is a passing phase. Conditioning the mind is the trick. The moment you know that something is about to happen, you can keep repeating positive quotes to yourself. A good deal of support and care that you receive from your family must never be ignored. It is good to be open about the problem and confide in some trusted people. Actually the reaction is the key and how to change the mindset will be taught to you by a therapist.

All is not possible in a day's time. A counseling session may take a few sentences. But is not about preaching to you how to be. There will be interaction and videos will be shown to you about how people react in varying expressions. If you see a person displaying symptoms of anxiety attack you can rush to their side and see that the person does not harm them self. The person is suffering and you can just accept the person as they are. It is quite possible to heal yourself completely of an anxiety and disorder but you must be willing to take the first step towards reality. All inhibitions will have to be shed and it is essential that you understand the importance of positive affirmations.

Symptoms that occurs during the anxiety attack:

1. It is not identical always.
2. There can be confusion and lack of clarity.
3. Breathlessness and difficulty in talking.
4. Perspiration and redness of the skin.
5. Dilated pupils and difficulty in maintaining posture.

How to help a person suffering from anxiety attack? If you notice a person showing symptoms of panic then you can secure him or her with positive words about things will be fine. In certain cases where the sufferer is aggressive, you can move the person from the place. Usually people who are suffering go through a lot of guilty complex and are very conscious about themselves. The loving care and help of family and friends is necessary for them to heal. The treatment is always step wise and will help you gain more control on yourself and completely understand the situation. Sometimes it is a particular issue that is bothering a person and causing emotional trauma. A therapist and the best in medication will reinstall the faith in the person.

People who are sooner to an anxiety attack must confide in an associate. This will help others understand your feelings. There could be minor chest pains or shortness in breath. This needs to be checked to avoid confusing it with any other medical condition. A person who has this problem will be very shy and also in some cases would love to stay at home. A couch potato syndrome extremely sets in which gives rise to other health diseases. The anxiety disorder requires to be detected and treated in the right way to avoid future complications. A good hobby and the company of friends is the best way to ring the benefits of well being.

In several cases people go through it everyday. The feeling of anxiety may come and go and since it has to be treated. Certain people also are allergic to certain type of sounds and this may trigger an attack. This type of anxiety combined with depression is another common condition. An anxiety attack if not cured can cause complexities in the life of a person. Health care centers provide many facilities and counseling for people and there is cure for the same. Having a good outdoor life, exercise and moderation in food also promotes self esteem which helps in a great way to treat the problem.