You are experiencing a panic attack if, simply out of the blue, you find yourself being overwhelmed by a swell of phobia and fear. This condition is signified by extremely high level of anxiety and uncontrollable physical reactions such as breathing difficulties, racing heartbeat and dizziness. If you have experienced this more than once, it is likely you are developing a case of extensive panic disorder.

It is common to find panic attacks associated with heart attack or nervous breakdown. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to know the basic ways of banishing these attacks, if they ever happen to you. In the case of having an attack with no help on hand, the way to calm yourself is by taking slow, deep breaths. Calmness is the ideal counters of panic attacks and the best way to achieve the highest plane of serenity is to breathe with your stomach. Focus on your abdomen and start taking and releasing deep breaths from there. Sitting straight or lying down is absolutely your choice, as long as you are relaxed.

Talking to someone you trust is also another way to banish your attacks. Social animals that we are, few things is more relaxing than sharing these concerns with a dependable friend. If you have figured out the one you want to confide in, go ahead and tell him or her your condition and even ask for help. As cliche as it may sound, sharing problems does lift some unnecessary weight and also, it helps preventing the attacks from developing to its height.