A panic attack is a sudden feeling of being overpowered by fear and anxiety. The patient experiences giddiness, the heart begins to beat heavily; he gasps for air and senses the imminent death. An attack, if not treated, can run into larger problems and cause major psychological break downs. There exists a cure for these attacks and it would be wise indeed to seek and start an appropriate treatment quickly.

There is professional help to turn to but self help to eliminate depression is a better option as they tend to be better followed by the patient.

• When you take up yoga and meditation on regular pattern, it helps to relax your mind and body. They make the body feel at peace, bringing great satisfaction, happiness and tranquility. So, relax and enjoy a life of peace and contentment.

• Both caffeinated coffee and tobacco trigger off a panic attack. A patient of anxiety is advised to abstain from caffeine and smoking. Certain medicines are also known to start an attack. Stay away from them.

• Practice deep breathing methods to relax your muscles and therefore your body. Controlling the breaths helps to calm down the disturbed nerves. As soon as you get an idea about the probable onset of an attack, the first step you should take is to start abdominal breathing and obstruction its progress.

• Cases of panic attack should not be allowed to turn into a part of your life and start underlining your efficiency. There is a remedy for you if you want to lead a normal life once again.