Studies have shown that prescription drugs for ADHD can do more harm than good. In fact, like cigarettes they come with a black box warning from the FDA that prolonged use can result in heart problems, psychotic episodes and even abuse. Children who are given ADHD drugs have higher chances of developing drug tolerance too. There are alternative remedies for ADHD and they are proven to be effective, safe and affordable. These alternative remedies for ADHD do not only treat the symptoms, they also address the root cause of the problem.


Acupuncture uses needles to activate pressure points to restore balance in the body. Children who have received this treatment are reported to have shown better performance in school, less agitated, have increased attention span, sleep well and relaxed. Among the alternative remedies for ADHD this one is gaining so much popularity among medical doctors. In fact, even some medical insurers today already cover this alternative form of treatment.


Among the alternative remedies for ADHD this one used to be the most controversial because some claimed that its effects are only placebo. However, over the past two decades biofeedback has been very successful in treating ADHD and other forms of mental health disorders. A research study done by the Rationale and Empirical Foundation revealed that 75 percent of children with ADHD had a positive response to biofeedback as a treatment. It works by normalizing the abnormal brain rhythms. The patient is made to wear a head gear with sensors while watching a computer screen. The scene on the screen correlates the person's brain activity. The patient moves the characters on the screen using his or her brain activities. This activity teaches the patient to control his / her brain to have better behavior control.


A 20 minute mental quietness a day can greatly benefit the nervous system. It changes such body functions as blood circulation, breathing and stress hormone regulation. Meditation can promote connectedness to the frontal areas of the brain that controls executive functions in the body. Children with ADHD who are doing meditation every day at school are observed to have low stress level, improved academic performance and improved memory.

Homeopathic Medicine

ADHD symptoms can be treated naturally using herbs and supplements. Supplements such as iron, zinc and magnesium will help maximize brain functioning. Herbs like gingko biloba, red clover blossom, kava kava, chamomile and goto kola can reduce anxiety and stress, boost memory power and concentration and increase blood flow to improve brain functioning.

ADHD is a difficult and challenging affliction, but it can be managed if one is using the right intervention program. Alternative remedies for ADHD are a very accepted reality even in conventional medicine. They are effective and safe and are worthy of every consideration.