The imbalance of neurotransmitters leads to disturbance of chemicals of the body that leads to mental disorders. Some patients suffer repeated attacks and become chronic as compared to people who seldom experience panic attacks. Considering the affliction in this perspective requires immediate treatment that has lasting effect. Certain precautionary measures can be taken so that the severity and frequency of the attacks are minimized. To learn about these methods of preventing your attacks, read through the article and decide upon a suitable strategy.

Medicines that cure panic attacks should be administered with care because they have a number of side effects which are detrimental to health. Beside, all such drugs are addictive in nature. The anti depressant used may in fact make the condition of the patient worse. Refrain from taking these medicines without authentic prescription of a medical professional. Tranquilizers are misnomers and have dangerous side effects.

Utilization of Cognitive Therapy requires close oversight of a coach. The coach can advise on how much to exercise, when and what medicines should supplement the counseling sessions. All this bought to be done in close consultation with a doctor so as to deter any side effects from striking.

Breathing right is fundamental to treat panic attacks. Making use of paper bags for re-breathing exercises is an ideal way to treat your attacks if carried on under supervision of a trained guide. In case it is not performed in the right way, it may do more damage than good as the level of carbon dioxide may increase in the body.