A patient suffering from panic upheavals and panic attacks do not know where to seek help for their disorder or what course of action they should take. They are unable to deal with the situation properly. It is a piece of good news that persons under the threat of these attacks can get rid of their troubles with ease.

This is where your mind can control your mind. A patient has to believe that the panic attack is only a passing phase. As soon as he fees the attack coming on, indicated by the symptoms, he has to think clearly, controlling his breathing and bringing it to normalize. A patient can tide over the attack by fantasizing himself as being in a place which he feels relaxed.

Counting forwards and returns may help to keep your mind from developing dreadful thoughts. It's used to remain focused and does not jump to the possible result of the attack. Mentally strengthen your mind with positive thoughts. Remind yourself of the time when you succeeded in overpowering your mind, of the good times you have experienced in the past. The attack may be very unpleasant but if you think you can, you can overcome the terrible sensation. Remember, you are maybeier than your mind and can control it and should not be the other way round.

Deep breathing is an absolute must during a panic attack. You can use your mouth and nose to respire but make sure that your lungs are full of oxygen. Gradually you will feel the attack evaporating away and you can rejoice as you have triumphed in the conflict.

Tutoring yourself in the methods of treatment is necessary for all patients who are afflicted with mental stress and panic attacks. This will be beneficial for you in the days ahead.