Anxiety is a normal reaction that we all have when we are betrayed with a stressful situation in our lives, but a panic disorder is a much more serious condition that can strike suddenly without any warning or reason. People with a disorder will have a panic attack which is a response to fear, however the response is normally out of proportion for the given situation. A person with a disorder will develop a fear overtime that they will have another panic attack. This constant fear of having another attack can always affect the daily functions and the overall quality of one's life. If not raised, having a disorder can extremely rule your life. Usually serious conditions that include alcoholism, drug abuse or depression can greatly increase the likelihood that a person will develop a panic disorder.

People that suffer from a panic disorder experience a panic attack that can last around 10 minutes and even longer for more severe cases of panic disorders. When a person has a panic disorder and they suffer a panic attack, they often feel an intense and overwhelming feeling of terror, with difficulty breathing. A panic attack can also cause a pounding feeling in the chest and a dizziness feeling accompanied by a feeling that they may faint. Other symptoms can include sweating, nausea, and trembling or uncontrollable shaking. A panic attack can cause hot flashes or chills and a feeling of numbness or tingling. A panic disorder can be very dangerous if the proper treatment is not thought. Experiencing a panic attack while behind the wheel of an automobile is not only scary, but can be dangerous. During a panic attack, a person my feel that they are losing control and that can be dangerous if that happens while driving.

Having a panic disorder can rule your life and make you very fearful to step outside of your door. One of the worst problems for people that have this disorder is the constant fear of suffering future panic attacks. Having this fear is how a disorder can easily start to rule your life. The fear of future attacks can cause a person to change many things in his or her daily routine, including avoiding certain places, situations and even driving or the willingness to travel because of that fear of having another panic attack.

Doctors to this day are still unsure of the exact cause that leads people to developing a panic disorder. Although the cause is not understood, studies that have been conducted over the years show that a combination of things may play a role in causing the disorder. A history of a panic disorder has been linked to run in families. Another possible cause is abnormalities in the brain and also substance abuse. Stressful times such as a death of a loved one or a major life changing event can also bring on a disorder. If you think that you have a panic disorder, you need to consult your doctor for treatment. Do not let it rule your life.