A very common question is how to diffuse panic attacks while driving. People have a wide variety of fears when it comes to panic, anxiety, and driving. People may fear traffic, crossing bridges, losing control, and crashing. There are many scary things that go along with driving and thoughts of these things can trigger panic. The ironic thing is that most drivers that have panic disorders like this have never experienced what they are the most fearful of.

People that suffer panic attacks while driving typically start panicking even before they get in the car. Their thoughts start racing and get out of control. They imagine worst case scenarios and they get very anxious. A little bit of this is OK because people that are concerned are more likely to be more alert and careful drivers.

The best way to stop panic attacks while driving is to control your fear before it gets out of hand. You have to convince your mind that you are not going to crash or lose control. Give it some deep thought and realize that it is illegally that you are going to be hurt in your car. Are you really as in bad shape because your anxious thoughts convince you that you are?

You have to figure out how to deal with these thoughts. You have to be strong and not let these thoughts scare you. If you start to fear what you are thinking you can easily lose control of your fear. Your mind starts to race and then you get horrified just by your thoughts.

The best way to fight panic attacks while driving is to take you car out on a practice run. Take your car out somewhere that is not busy and try to face your fears head on until you are desensitized to them. Once you start to feel the emotions arise you have to welcome them and embrace them. You can welcome your fear by trying to induce an attack … try as hard as you can. You will probably not be able too reduce a panic attack.

This exercise helps stop panic attacks while driving because it forces you to deal with your fears. When you specifically try to induce a panic you are subconsciously extending your arms to fear and saying come here. This exercise will help you accept your fears and battle panic attacks.