It is wise to be well informed about panic attack, why they happen or how you can deal with them effectively so that you run minimum risk of suffering that that the bring about. You can be cured of panic attacks within 48 hours.

I can recommend natural therapies to conquer attacks of panic within a short span of time as two days. But, first let us understand what panic attacks are. A typical panic attack lasts anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. It includes symptoms like mental instability, breathlessness, chest pain, numbness, sweating, a nauseated feeling and great helplessness, as if the patient was near his end living in a world of fantasy.

The main cause is nervous system disorder brought about by external elements like overburden of work, poor diet, excessive things that excite you or even high expectations, loneliness or lack of relaxation. All these troubles sound akin to modern day life style.

You will want to know how you can keep these attacks at bay which are natural and comparatively cheaper. Below is a short discussion about such methods:

• Anxiety strikes a dehydrated person. Drinking of at least one gallon of water per day is recommended.
• Include green leafy vegetables and fruits which are a rich source of vitamin and mineral that strengthen your immune system. These foods not only make your nerves strong but also repaired damaged nerves.
• Stay away from consumption of coffee, soda pop, refined flour or sugar products and every type of fast food.
• Take regular walks for half an hour every day.
• Minimize your social life of isolation, stay away from TV just before going to bed and a sedentary life style.