People desire to cure their mental disorder by natural methods or panic therapies. They feel uncomfortable with experience of stress, despair, fear or any other kind of dread. With so many of the people seeking to get cured, practical treatments are preferred. Plenty of therapies are available today and a patient can take his pick. Here I will explain the pros and cons of the two main forms of treatment – medication and relaxation.

Extensive research has been conducted in the field of tackling panic attacks. Taking effective medicines is a very good way to keep the attacks under control. However, it should be understood that doctors can only check the attack but can not cure them. They have many side effects which do more harm than good to the patient. Such ill effects are not discernible in a day or two but their extensive use undermines the health of the consumer. Medicines do not give permanent relief. People just take a pill to get temporary reply from the panicky sensation. They only succeed in filling your body with harmful chemicals. Therefore, deep meditation coupled with yoga and controlled breathing is better than resorting to medicines.

The technique of relaxation to treat panic attacks has been practiced since ancient times. Ascetics were proficient at meditation and yoga. Together with herbal treatment, meditation can cure these attacks without turning to hazardous drugs.

Relaxation of mind and body can go a long way to heal the panic attacks or any other mental disorders. Relaxation is a natural treatment and has NO side effects. Meditation is focusing one's thoughts towards anything other than self.