When under the influence of panic attacks, things can quickly get out of hand. Whatever you're experiencing attacks for the first time or have been suffering for quite some time now, the fact still that it can be a total pain to have in your life, limiting you from the things that you want to do and the people you want to meet. For most people diagnosed with panic disorder prevention is the aim, but the problem is that not a lot will be successful at it. Because by now maybe you have already heard the generalization that the more you try to prevent attacks, the more likely it will occur.

In order to become successful in this endeavor, you will need two things; technique that will be effective in minimizing or controlling the symptoms and recognition of the panic attacks symptoms. Knowing that you are already heading into trouble regardless of whether the signal being given off by your body is very or very visible will help you get relief whenever you need it. Just to give you an idea o the possible symptoms that you need to be on the lookout for, here are a few:

Tightness in the chest: As a symptom of panic attacks, you will somehow feel that you are being smothered and will find it a bit difficult to breathe. When you experience cramps in the chest, one that just comes and goes for no particular reason, take heed as you may already be on your way to an attack.

Hot / Cold flashes: When you are on the verge of panicking you will sometimes feel sudden hot or cold chills which are somewhat unexplainable in their origins, and may just seem to appear at random. Not to worry, you are not sick; it may just be your elevated anxiety that is causing all this adverse reaction on your body.

Feeling of dread: You will definitely be able to feel this one, and it is something that you really should be paying attention to as experiencing this symptom can mean that you are already very close to panicking. Without coping techniques, surely other symptoms will start to follow and build up.

Stomach problems: Anxiety, being a part of our greater survival mechanism can lead our body to think that it is in immediate and grave danger. Our body prepares in turn by redirecting the flow of blood to organs which need it the most in order to aid our so called survival actions. Your digestive tract which your body deems not an essential part of survival will experience a huge change in blood flow which in turn can upset its balance and normal functioning, hence the stomach problems.

These are just a few of the panic attacks symptoms that you should be on the lookout for, of course. Learn more about the other symptoms if you are really interested in dealing with your panic attacks. It will prove to be a detrimental part in your copying as well as recovery process.