Are you aware that panic attacks are quite similar to having a heart attack? Usually the first episode is the worst; it is extremely frightening due to the similarity. But always be aware that despite the chances are pretty high you are experiencing a panic attack, get a professional opinion ASAP. Let us go over a few of the physical symptoms you will experience before and during a panic attack.

Before I get into the symptoms, just a quick question. Have you ever woke up one morning and something just did not feel right, you had travel the same road to work, and sat in the usual coffee shop as you do every other morning, but for some unknown reason where you tense and had an overwhelming feeling of losing control? You had no idea why this happened, but it was something that made you so afraid you had to return home. Sound familiar.

A list of the most common symptoms!

  • Tight feeling in your chest.
  • Rapid heart beat.
  • Tightness in the throat.
  • Tingling sensation in limbs.
  • Ringing noises in your ears.
  • Knots in your stomach.
  • Speaking problems.
  • Sweating.
  • High temperature.
  • Full feeling in your bladder.

And this is a very short list of panic attacks symptoms, it is no wonder it can be mistaken for other serious illnesses, this condition puts a huge strain on your body physically, mentally, and i have seen first hand the damage this does to relationships. You are not the only one this will effect.

Do not let panic attacks symptoms manifest in to mental problems!

So if you choose to ignore the warning signs I am afraid to deliver the bad news, but this condition has a habit of manifesting it myself in to bigger issues. Mental problems generally follow after the physical ones have raised there ugly little heads. So do not be foolish, put this on you priority list to eliminate panic attacks symptoms NOW!