Nothing much frigtens one's life other than experiencing panic and anxiety attacks. Dizziness, lightheaded and a disoriented feeling are what people with panic and anxiety attacks feel when those things occur. Their heart rate jumps and they find themselmobile.

This is obviously not a situation anyone would fantasize about. In fact once you have had this experience, you will more than likely try your hardest to find a cure to at least give yourself a kind of breathing space. Below are some tricks to help yourself deal with the symptoms of panic attacks:

Deep Breathing Technique

Your body goes into a state called “fight or flight” when you undergo panic attacks. This causes you to breathe lowly and much too quickly. When you make an effort to control your breathing and actually take actions to make them deep and long, you're telling your mind that panicking is unnecessary. Breathe in through your nose and employ your diaphragm. Make sure that your shoulders are still while you do this, it's the indication that you are doing the breathing correctly.

Focus on Right Now

Many cases of anxiety stem from aggravated feelings of fear about terrible things that would probably happen the next time panic happen take place. Replace that thought with what is going on right now since no good can come from such worry.

Learn to Be Laid Back

Trying to actually fight panic and anxiety attack when they come only results in feeling defeated as you will invariably fail. Simply embrace them, telling yourself yes, they are happening and they will soon go away. This helps lessening the intensity of the attack you're experiencing.