When you're a panic attack sufferer, you may look for the different ways to cure yourself. The problem is that there are all kinds of treatments available, both natural and chemicals, that can cure them. The real problem with some treatments is that they mask the real reason behind them. This is true of those people who use the panic attack treatment with Benadryl.

Using Benadryl Just For A Short-Term Fix

When you have these types of attack, you may reach for that bottle of Benadryl in the hopes that it will calm your nerves down and even allow you to sleep. It is true that, for some folks, Benadryl works in this manner. Keep in mind that the treatment with Benadryl will generally help those who have a mild case of the debilitating disease. In fact, Benadryl is a low-cost alternative to using Xanax, which offers the same benefits.

Why You Should Not Use Benadryl For A Long Term Solution

While it can be good to use Benadryl for a short amount of time, here are three reasons you should not have this kind of treatment.

Reason 1 – Adverse Reaction To Benadryl

Some people, no matter what, can not use Benadryl because of the adverse reaction they have to it. Instead of making them feel calm and / or sleepy, the medicine will keep them wide-awake and hyper. This certainly does not help the sufferer. If you notice yourself having an adverse reaction, it's best to avoid this panic attack treatment with Benadryl.

Reason 2 – Benadryl Effects Wear Off

Another reason to avoid using the Benadryl is that the effects of the drug can wear off quickly, which means you will feel jittery and panicky again.

Reason 3 – Not Designed For Daily Use

Remember that Benadryl was not designed for daily use or to use in excess of four times in a day. Benadryl is great for those who need to sleep due to allergies, colds or flu. However, it should not be used as an everyday deterrent for panic attacks since it can leave some lasting ill effects such as addiction (which can lead to you increasing the dose to get the effect you want), agitation, confusion, overdose, liver damage, short term memory loss, etc.

What To Use In Lieu Of Benadryl

Since Benadryl is not a good option for long-term use, what can you do to help cure the attacks? The best thing you can do for yourself is to seek out the advice of a professional who has experience in handling patients with panic attacks. From there, there may be two types of therapy that they will use. These are: cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Rather than using Benadryl, therapists will try the cognitive behavior therapy method, which looks at how a person thinks and behaves during a panic attack and turns that negative behavior into something positive.

Exposure Therapy – Therapists may opt to use the exposure therapy to help patients overcome their attacks. Exposure therapy means a patient will be exposed to the trigger in a controlled setting while learning the healthier ways to cope with a panic attack.

Other things you can do include changing your diet, increase how often you exercise, get more sleep, breathe during a panic attack or take doctor prescribed medication.

Yes, a panic attack treatment with Benadryl can be helpful but it was not designed with this in mind. Use it for a short time until you can find other healthy ways to cope with your panic attacks.