Self-help techniques can be effectively used by anyone to alleviate panic attacks. Learning self help techniques is easy and they are not expensive. Downloading self-help programs online is instant and easy. If you do not want to download self-help programs, you can request most of them sent by direct mail. You can order self-help programs by direct mail if you do not have easy access to a computer or do not prefer computers.

People who have suffered panic-attacks probably already know the symptoms all too well. Panic-attacks look so much like heart attacks even doctors can not immediately tell the difference. Unpleasant symptoms of panic-attack are terrifying and include:

• Overwashing sensations of terror and fear.
• Gripping pain or tightness in the chest area.
• Trouble catching one's breath.
• Feeling faint or dizzy.
• Problems with swallowing.
• Racing heartbeat.
• Obsessive unwanted thoughts of violence or sex.

A first panic-attack creates a concern of another attack that becomes a cycle. Future panic-attacks are literally set up by the constant fear of having one.

One online self-help program that has become very well-liked is Panic Away. By teaching panic attack sufferers to eliminate the fear of another attack, Panic away stops future attacks from happening. Panic Away can be downloaded for $ 67.95. The download price includes the program, free coaching, a bonus Panic Away presentation, cassettes, and other extras.

Another popular self-help program for panic attack is the Linden Method. The amygdala, a little part of the human brain, is the place where panic attacks originate. Responses stored within the amygdala include emotional memory and fear. The Linden Method actually reprograms the wiring in the amygdala so the fear response is modified.

The Linden Method is offered for purchase for $ 99 in downloadable format or $ 177 in print format. Included in the program are audios that can help in panic-free living and a variety of other free bonus tools.

Another effective choice, developed by an actual panic-attack victim, is John Mercer's Easy Calm method. John Mercer had so many panic attacks so often that they threatened his marriage and kept him housebound for years.

John Mercer tried everything available for panic and got no relief from his attacks. The Easy Calm method lays out a step-by-step set up to prevent panic attacks permanently. The Easy Calm method created by John Mercer truly works because it came out of his own experience.

The Easy Calm method is priced at $ 97. The Easy Calm method includes a selection of free bonus items and tools in the purchase price. Free MP3 downloads are a helpful free bonus. Another free bonus item is a great relaxation tape. John Mercer uses the relaxation tape himself daily.

Curing panic-attacks does not have to take years or therapy and prescription drugs as many assum. Many assume the worst, but that treatment situation is just wrong. Most panic attack victims experience quick relief with self-help programs. Self-help is reasonable and fast-acting.

People to commit to a self-help program can get the most out of it. Self-help programs produce near-instant results and are not overly expensive.

If you are not prepared for standard therapy, self-help programs are an affordable and effective mode of treatment. A self-help program might just be the last panic attack program you ever need.