Panic attack medications are not all that they are cracked up to be. If you are looking to cure yourself of panic and anxiety you are a lot better off opting for a natural cure. Many times a doctor will try to prescribe you panic attack medicines then just send you on your way. There are numerous reasons that you should try to avoid them.

Here are 3 good reasons to avoid panic attack medications:

1) The medications are addictive. If you ever decide to stop taking the medications you will need the help of a doctor. These powerful medications are not something that you can decide to stop taking alone. You have to wean yourself off slowly under the close watch of a physician. Is this something you want to ingest into your body daily? A drug so physically addictive that you can actually die from complications when you stop taking it.

2) If you do not stop taking the medications you are going to need to keep increasing the dose. Most people's bodies start to adjust to the medications that they take. When this happens you have to take more of the drug to help you stop feeling anxious. Before you know it you're taking higher and higher doses of extremely addictive drugs. This increase in dose makes it even harder to stop taking them; your addiction just gets worse!

3) Panic attack medications do not actually fight your real problems. The medications do a good job in drugging you, but they really are not effective in treating your real problems … your actual fear and anxiety. As soon as you stop taking the medications you are going to be right back where you started. The only real way to fight panic is to change the way you react to stress and anxiety. Taking panic attack medications only masks your problem and your symptoms.

A doctor will likely tell you that panic attack medications are a miracle “cure” for you. And they do sound good at first … just take a pill and all of your troubles go away. It's extremely tempting to try to go this route … But make sure you research the anxiety medicines you are considering. The probably are not as good as they are made out to be.

The best way to treat panic and anxiety is to really get to the root of your problem and modify your behaviors so you react to anxiety in a productive way. There are tons of exercises you can do that help you get your panic attacks under control. These are all natural, safe, and more effective than taking panic attack medicines.