Keeping a Check on Panic Attacks

The importance of keeping a check on panic attacks can never be overemphasized specifically for the victims of this malady. Use of medication to treat panic attacks is though quick to affect the patient, have a detrimental effect in the long run. To help the patients tide over any traumatic experience that they may have, resulting in an attack, drugs should be the last resort.

Another form of treatment that panic afflicted patients turn to is hypnosis. This is a very ineffective method as its curative value is next to nothing. To deliberately try to control the thought process of the patient is quite a failure as a treatment of panic attacks.

In experimental stage, people are turning to professional counseling for curing attacks of panic. This kind of treatment is long drawn, requiring the patients to critically analyze their past and present and try to discover where the problem in their psychosis exists. Once that is accurately unwelcomed, a more clearly defined course of treatment can be decided upon. Most patients do not prefer this psycho analysis as they get tired and opt out of it and seek other methods to tackle their trouble.

The vicious cycle of panic attack is never-ending. The attack leads to certain symptoms that are most unpleasant. The patient who suffers an attack, gets a taste of the disagreeable situation and symptoms and further sinks to become even more panicky. He feels a danger looming ahead even though it may only be a figment of his imagination. He despairs in the hopelessness of the situation and is terrified of it, generating greater panic.

The underlying cause of the attack is heightened anxiety. The symptoms exhibited can vary from case to case, ranging from excessive sweating, increased blood pressure, giddiness, queasiness, palpitation and shallow breathing. Getting to the cause of the panic attack is more important than superior treatment by medication. Often the entire issue of panic is skirted around and symptoms deal with individually.

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Instant Cure For Panic Attack

Anxiety and panic are used synonymously. A person suffering from bouts of panic attacks is tense, feel his world coming crumbling down and is fearful. He does not know what to do or how to react. Most attacks are short lived and begin under varying situations and also in their intensity or severity.

The cures for these attacks are constantly being researched. A few guidelines can only be suggested here.

Panic does not herald its sunset. It can begin anytime anywhere. Without realizing it, the patient is gripped by an attack. Ensuring a healthy body, sound sleep every night can help a patient fend off an attack. A mind which is in a flurry can ill expect to keep the attacks from descending upon you.

We all toil hard daily but it is important to get enough of rest as well. Do not work all day, return home, watch TV, slog away at the computer at night and wake up feeling sluggish. Continued over a period of time, this routine underlines your life and target at your psychological self.

Seeking a cure for these attacks can be accelerated by giving up the bad habits of alcoholism and smoking. Both these are detrimental to health. They weakened your body's immune system, pull down your natural body defenses and fail to support you when you are under a panic attack.

The last but not the least, seek professional help of a doctor. He is the best person to guide you to overpower your vulnerability to panic attacks.

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Essentials of the Treatment of a Panic Attack

It is a common practice to confuse the two – a heart attack and a panic attack. Taking such a step may only add to the severity of the attack itself. It is of utmost importance to explain to the patient suffering from panic attack that his condition is stable and what he is experiencing is purely a mental instability which is a passing phase and perfectly treatable. In this way the patient begins to feet less threatened. By staying calm and not rushing off to the hospital can be helpful to make the patient feel composed.

There is hardly any doubt that both panic and heart attacks exhibit similar symptoms. Prolonged bouts of chest pain, accompanied by excessive sweating and inability to calm down may be typical indication of heart attack or a severe panic attack, both of which require immediate medical attention by a qualified doctor.

Behavioral treatment is the most preferred and legendary line of action to rid the patient of his ailment of panic. It is a natural remedy having nothing to do with man-made medication which may do more harm than good. This has given impetus to people turning to natural forms of treatment to get cured.

The cause of an attack is not clear. It can strike at any time and at any place. Having no constraints, the attacks can be prompted under a lot of broadly different circumstances. It is wise to recognize what initiated an attack and avoid these situations in the coming days. Prevention is definitely better than cure as far as the attacks are concerned. Appropriate measures, like relaxation, should be taken to avoid being stricken by panic attacks.

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Herbal Remedies For Panic Attacks

Herbs have known to have curative effect since ancient days for many ailments. Vitamins and herbs are commonly used as they have no side effects what so ever. Even though people turn to medicines prescribed by medical professionals, their harmful effect can not be ignored. Increasing number of people are opting for natural methods to cure any illnesses.

Taking serious cognizance of hazards of medicines, people are getting attuned to use of nature for cure. Panic and anxiety attacks can be met squarely by having vitamins and herbs in abundance. Herbal medicines are preferred and so are foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients. They give impetus to healthy nerves and immune system of the body. With this understanding, people resort to natural treatments for combating nervous breakdown or anxiety attacks.

Valerian root is well known for gently inducing sleep and when taken within limits, helps to banish panic attacks. It tranquilizes the brain and nerves, so cutting down chances of these attacks.

Lemon balm carries a strong scent of a lemon and this herb settles stomach upset, a symptom of panic attack. It relaxes the mind, lowers blood pressure and heart palpitation, keeps your nerves calms and gets rid of headaches.

Passion flower is a herb that is especially useful in treating panic attacks. It acts as a soothing balm for your irritable nerves, eases muscular tension, restlessness and excitability. Night terrors experienced by patients of panic attacks can get the calming down effect by the use of passion flower.

Awareness of how effective natural remedies can be, will definitely prompt you to say 'No to allopathic medicines and turn to natural remedies.

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Taking Panic Attacks in a Stride

Perceived danger is a major case for an onslaught of panic attack. This attack is a natural defense of the human body to guard it against the imagined collapse ahead. The situation that makes the person feel threatened are known as 'triggers' and the resultant attack is called anxiety attack also.

These 'triggers' may be figments of his imagination or may exist actually. There are innumerable methods to treat panic attacks. Equipped with thorough knowledge about the symptoms of the attack, a patient can choose an appropriate treatment method. The common symptoms exhibited during these anxiety attacks are:

• Increased heart palpitation
• Chest pain
• Trembling
• Depression
• Severe anxiety
• Excessive sweating
• Fear of claiming death

All the symptoms mentioned above may be similar to an attack of heart. A patient has to learn to discern between the two so that he stays away from further sinking into depression due to fear for the worst.

Nothing definite can be said about the situation that brings on an attack. It can occur anytime and at any place. People habitually taking drugs are more to such attacks. The natural way is ideal for treating panic attacks yet most people resort to taking medicines. Yoga and deep contemplation are better and sure cures for these attacks.

By controlling your pattern of breathing and making every effort to get cured, a patient can gain success. Keeping your mind focused on things other than your problems, exercising regularly and keeping peace within yourself to avoid suffering these anxiety attacks.

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What Occurs in the Brain During Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks are tremendously frightening. Suffering from it may ruin your life as well as the life of the people around and love you. It does not discriminate individuals to be affected. Panic attack causes ranges from fear of things in the night, driving cars or some sort, pregnancy, events or places with large crowds, speaking in front of the public and even an elevator.

Extreme attacks would be very hard for your family and friends to understand, only if they have experienced it themselves. Being infected with this disorder then you already understand the distinction like lonesomeness and seclusion. But most of the time an individual with this kind of ailments also suffers from depression and withdrawals from the society he live in. Being able to learn what is happening would have been the first serious step in facing panic attack.

Scientifically speaking, scientist has already cracked the answer to the all time question as to the connection of blood flow to anxiety attacks. At the present, in the science community, the all time question of how blood circulation is related to panic attack has been found. The finds states that there is change in the blood circulation of the brain during an attack. During an attack, blood circulation shift from the frontal lobe of the brain to its middle part called periaqueductal gray area. The periaqueductal gray area is the one responsible for the control survival mechanisms of our body. It is wherein the fight or flight mechanisms originates. This is the reason why we feel extreme emotions fear.

During attack, as I have said, blood circulation continuously shifting to the middle of the brain. This makes your body uncontrollable which makes returning to regular functions impossible.

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Determining the Causes of Panic Attacks

It is difficult to determine why individuals experience panic attacks. Particularly those individual who suffer these attacks experience diverse symptoms in each attack. Study shows that these attacks is the body's natural defense mechanism when trap in a life threatening situation. This type defense mechanism is commonly known as “fight or flight mode.

Stress, yes we all feel stress. Stress affects every one of us every so often, but most of us did not know that it is one of the reasons why we suffer panic or anxiety attacks. Stress becomes a cause when we let it control our life and makes us feel panic. It is crucial and very important to at least try to reduce it.

Hypertension or high blood pressure could also cause these attacks. It is the type of medical condition triggers unnecessary accomplishment that leads to attack. The lack of necessary vitamins and minerals could also cause trigger panic attack.

Genetics also has a vital contribution in the possibility of having the attacks. This means that these attacks are hereditary. It is evident if more than one of your kinship suffers from panic disorder. Although panic attack may run in your genes however the environment plays a critical role in triggering the attack in you.

Unfortunately these causes could not exist in unison to a person. Proper diagnosis is important in determining if you already have an attack. So that a proper treatment may be put in place.

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Anxiety and Panic Attack – How is the One Different From the Other?

Anxiety and panic attacks are very common among individuals experiencing swift upsurge of emotions. While the symptoms of both anxiety and panic attacks are somewhat interconnected. They are actually in fact not one and the same. So to distinguish here are few instances that will enable you to differentiate anxiety disorder from panic disorder.

1. Panic attack is predictable. In contrast to anxiety attacks, which occurs unexpectedly, the attacks are foreseeable especially when the person is in the middle of a continuing emotional condition. Because we can be certain when an attack will occur, we will be able to take hold of our emotions and relax just before the attacks.

2. The attacks occur for just one reason. It could be extreme happiness, depression, frustration or even anger. While anxiety attacks may occur even without any extreme emotions (for example: You just feel sad about something).

3. Anxiety attacks can also be thought about by certain medical condition and previous disorders. It should be put in mind that these attacks along with disorders may also be caused by mounting emotions that can be trace down to particular conditions. Anxiety attacks on the other hand may only be just cause by hormonal imbalance as well as earlier medical conditions even without the necessity of an emotional outpouring. Nonetheless when panic conditions become regular and can not ever be controlled, this may lead to ensuing anxiety disorders.

4. Panics are manageable. Almost all type of panic attacks are manageable even without any medications. All that is required is to take control of emotions. Medical treatments should only be undertaken when the attacks become regular and begins to disturb the life of the person suffering.

There is nothing to worry about anxiety or panic because it can be treated.

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Regular Symptoms of a Panic Attack and Phobic Anxiety

With the kind lifestyles we have today together with the intense level of stresses in our society, it is no wonder that psychological ailments of all kinds have suddenly become very common. That is why there is a need for us to identify symptoms of panic disorder from those of ordinary everyday stresses. So that we may know if what we are experiencing are still common stressors or are we already afflicted and suffering from panic disorder. To further clarify on this matter the succeeding articles will discuss the characteristics of panic disorder. Panic disorder is generally classified by panic attacks that last from a few minutes to more than a few hours.

Individuals who are afflicted by panic disorder experience extreme levels of stress that usually lasts from just few minutes to more than an hour, as what I have said above. Symptoms are speeding heart rate, quaking, excessive sweating, nausea, choking sensation, dizziness, abdominal discomfort and the like. Panic disorder, you can see, is very unpleasant and disturbing experience. Imagine that you are living in fear of it every day.

Diagnosis can be very complicated since, there is no accurate and particular test as those of the blood, and only relations on the experience of the individual suffering. If you're attack are becoming frequent and you are becoming worried about it. Or there is something that you believe that is causing your regular attacks. Then it is time to call a physician and ask for a diagnosis or a sound advice.

But if so happen that you are avoiding the place where you last experience an attack and believe it to be the trigger of your regular attacks. Then, it could be ascertained that you are already suffering from panic disorder. This type of symptom is called phobic anxiety or, in lay mans term, anticipatory anxiety. Furthermore it is all through discouraged to self-diagnose. If you are suffering a regular panic attack, it is recommended to contact your family doctor and make an immediate appointment.

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Various Causes of Panic Attacks and the Means to Treat It

What seriously is a panic attack? Well, panic attack is when all of the sudden, without any reason, your heart start to beat so quickly, your hands become damp, and you become extremely anxious. Have you experienced any of the following? If yes, then you are most likely suffering from these attacks.

At its usual length of time, attacks may start abruptly and end as quickly as it started. The attack is commonly thought about by sudden anxieties, be it obvious or felt. Lasting for more than an hour and a half, it is very terrifying to both the individual suffering and to the family, friends and the people who cares. The symptoms are comparable to those of heart attack. That is why for most first time sufferers, they mistake it for a heart attack and rush to the hospital.

Panic attacks have its foundations in the “fight or flight” mechanism present in all animals. This mechanism prepares an animal (including us) from any stressful situations. The mechanism releases adrenaline to the blood which intensifies heart rate and breathing rate.

What are the reasons for attack? Well, there are various reasons as to why a particular individual may experience these attacks. First of which is the fact that vulnerability to the attacks can be hereditary. Second reasons would be biological factors such as hypoglycemia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Vitamin B deficiency and mitral valve prolapsed. Third reasons would be drugs and chemicals whether legal or illegal, prescribe or over the counter. And last but not the least reason would be lack of confidence and phobias.

Medication for these attacks involves treating underlying biological causes, taking prescription medications (for temporary relief), and the use of therapy to assess and eliminate triggers of panic attack. Cause should be avoided up to the possible while confidence building and therapy can be practice to overcome phobias.

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Basic Information on How to Put a Stop to Panic Attacks

Are you suffering from panic or anxiety attack? Do you want to end your panic attack and have your normal life back? Well here are some of the tips you could use to end your attacks.

1. Profound breathing – This is actually the most regularly used technique in controlling the attacks. So in case an attack happens unexpectedly, you can use this technique (taking deep breaths from the diaphragm) to attain relaxation. But using this method requires learning and memorizing the breathing exercises

2. Loosen up your muscles – This method needs you to tighten your body muscles for a few seconds and whenever comfortable enough releasing them gradually. The technique provides a soothing effect and relieves the body of unnecessary stresses.

The first two steps is only for the purpose of gaining control during an attack. But if you are still in search of more concrete actions to eliminate panic attack, well the following tips is just right for you.

1. Overcome the dread of attacks – It is proven that fear just causes more attacks in an individual who suffers from panic attack. This fear includes the fear of experiencing an attack while in a public place and the fear of experiencing an attack when no friend or relative is around. Overcoming this fear is very important to prevent any further attacks.

2. Lessen the level of stress – Panic attacks are generally caused by anxieties and stresses. Relaxing oneself and reducing stress levels at a minimum is very important if you really want to put an end to your attack.

Having the following information in your hand will make you better equip in dealing with your attacks.

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Deadly Complications of Panic Attacks That You Must Know

There are actually 2.4 million individual or more, in the United States who agonizingly suffer from the symptoms of panic attack. One minute you're very much happy and enjoying the best moment of your life, then in just a blink of an eye you came running to a corner feeling intense fear. And the bewildering fact about it, you do not have any idea why you are feeling such extreme fear or the cause of your attack.

Several symptoms of panic attack are considered safe or have minor effect, this makes it easy for us to ignore and forget it. But there other symptoms could be severe and very frightening. One of it is chest pain. Chest pain is very painful as well as frightening. It is in like having a heart attack. That is why most of the people who experience it rush to the hospital.

More than chest pain, intestinal heart beat, trembling and quaking, dizziness, pin and needle feeling in toes and fingers are other symptoms of panic attack. Although these obvious signs are considered risk-free and could inflict no physical harm. Nonetheless, all of which could be very frightening, especially during an actual attack where everything is uncontrollable. In addition, these symptoms may also develop to other more serious problems such as phobias, depressions or even suicides.

Nonetheless the good thing about panic attacks is that it is curable. There is no need for you to continuously live in terror, thinking when will be your next attack. Still, if you are not certain as to the symptoms you are feeling. It is a very much recommended to consult a physician. Clinical studies show that the early the anxiety disorder is diagnosed the more it is easier to be treated. And your dream of living a normal and panic free life is very much possible.

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Symptoms and Conditions Associated With Panic Disorders

Imagine the following example and be honest: has something similar ever happened to you? You are meeting your friend at your regular coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee and to chat. At some point during the meeting, without anything out of the ordinary happening, you feel your heart beats faster. You try to ignore it but you can not. You are too afraid. Them you can not breathe anymore and you start sweating. This is a common experience among all sorts of people and it is known as a panic attack. If you ever been too something similar, you should know how bad it is. Start informing yourself about panic disorders, find out the most common symptoms and ways to overcome them.

Panic attack is a little bit different from other anxiety disorders. It comes out of the blue and the patient can not name what was that triggered the attack. They seem to happen random, without any reason. People associate panic attacks with a certain place, as they experience more attacks in the same location. They end up believing that the location or the people present there are the trigger, so they start avoiding it. This leads to agoraphobia, a condition associated with panic disorders. The persons affected are extremely afraid of suffering a panic attack or of being put in a difficult position while surrounded with people and unable to run away. They will start avoiding public places or crowded places and they will also stop socializing.

Take a close look at the symptoms of panic disorders and see if you have experienced them: increased heart rate and pain in the chest, trembling, sweating, hot flashes or cold chills, difficulty in breathing and negative feelings such as losing control or dying. When accusing four or more of these symptoms it means that a panic attack is taking place.

Inform yourself about self help as it is an efficient way of treating panic disorders.

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Is it Our Mind Or Our Body That Causes Panic Disorders?

Panic disorders are also called generalized anxiety disorder and are affecting lots of people from all over the world. They are characterized by a sudden sunset of irrational fear and the sufferers are feeling very nervous. Sometimes the symptoms can be misleading and the persons going through a panic attack might think like they are having a heart attack. This is also enforced by the fact that the sufferer is often having the impression that he or she is about to die.

A panic disorder appears when our mind wrongly asserts that a certain situation might be dangerous. The situation is a common one, without any dangerous elements. Neverheless the patient's mind identifies a possible threat and the panics. These leads to anxiety together with some physical symptoms such as shaking or sweating.

Although physical reactions occur, panic disorder is a mental condition, not a physical one. The body is only reacting to the mental problems and as the problems seem larger, the reaction is more violent. An overall check-up might be a good idea in order to convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with your body.

Since it is now clear that panic attacks come from our mind, anti-anxiety medication and pills prescribed by doctors are useless, as they treat our body. They ameliorate the symptoms, as they can only heal the body and not the mind. The cause of the disorder is still there, unaffected by any pill. More, than that, pills can do you harm because of their side effects and their addictiveness.

Treating the body is not the correct approach. In order to achieve results and not to worsen your condition you should focus on finding the root causes of panic disorder and put them behind you.

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The Dangers of Panic Attacks – They Can Be Deadly!

Panic attacks are often misinterpreted and many people tend to believe that they happen because of too much stress and nervousness. This is wrong assumption and people usually do not understand the nature of this illness. Another misconception is that the sufferers of panic attacks are to blame for being weak persons and not doing anything to snap out of this situation. Actually these attacks are a medical condition and quite a separate one.

The attacks can last just a couple of minutes, if the sufferer is lucky, up to a couple of hours. The most common symptoms include feelings of fear, palpitations, trembling and difficulty in breathing. It's not necessary to experience all the symptoms at once. If an attack repeats in more than two occasions it can lead to serious panic disorders.

Ignore all the misconceptions about these attacks and do not be embarrassed to seek help if you think you might be suffering of any panic disorder. Many treatments are available nowdays and you have all the chances of discovering one that works for you. The earlier you start treating yourself, the better. It is more difficult to cure panic disorders if they become severe. Do not wait until your conditions worsen and act quickly to solve the problem as soon as you detect it.

Start your attempt to overcome panic attacks by doing a few breathing exercises. They are easy to be done, they have a calming effect and they will eventually reduce the number of anxiety attacks. Breathe deep and slow and then hold your breath for five seconds before letting it go.

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