Cure Panic With Proper Dieting

Panic or anxiety is mostly seen in young adults. Even some children develop anxiety during their school days. You can cure panic with natural diet and simple exercises. What you need is confidence, positive approach and boldness to cure panic at the earliest.

Anxiety is caused due to stress, alcohol and drug intake. But, according to the doctors, even vitamin and mineral disorders can cause anxiety. Lack of magnesium in the body is also one of the reasons for this panic. In most cases, anxiety vanishes as they grow older and older. So, when you are young, you are not bold enough to face the general things. And this negative thinking is the cause for anxiety.

The major symptoms related to anxiety are: elevated heart beats, sweating, shivering, chest pain (rarely) and so on. Even people with healthy body will have all these symptoms, when they are under anxiety. Lack of confidence, negative thinking and unnecessary fear are some of the problems faced by the people who are under anxiety.

Now let us see, how to cure panic without pills and antibiotics. Meditating in the calm place is the easy method to cure anxiety. Just sit in a calm place or a prayer hall and close your eyes. Think, what happened on that particular day and what generated anxiety in you. Start your self education and instruct your brain not to fear for these simple things. This positive approach will definitely bring down your anxiety in few days. Continue to do meditation and self study regularly. You can also get rid of anxiety with breathing exercise.

I recommend you to do yoga every morning. Yoga is the safe and simple method to keep your life healthy and free from panic.

Nowadays, numerous online programs are available to cure panic. Step by step instructions are given in CD's, through which you can exercise at home on your own and cure anxiety. Even yoga is taught online. So, if you have internet, find out which program suites you.

Other than the above, try to share your happiness and grief with others. Suppressing the feelings inside will increase the stress. Avoid staying alone at home. Never miss the night sleep. Most of the software programmers who work on night shifts are affected by this panic. Eat healthy food, especially green leafy vegetables to get magnesium naturally.

So, if you can follow these simple instructions, you will be completely out of panic in a few weeks.

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How to Cure Panic Attacks – 3 Tips to Stop Having Panic Attacks Now

Because a panic attack can have an extremely debilitating effect on your everyday life, you need to know how to cure panic attacks so you can start living the normal life you deserve.

Below are 3 tips to stop having panic attacks:

1. Reveal your demons – to get rid of panic you have to know whats causing it. You have to dig deep and find the root cause. Is it work stress and anxiety? Is it pressure in your marriage or with your kids? Is it from the hectic day to day schedule you carry? Is it from social situations? Or, alternatively, is it a combination of any one of these things?

To truly get to the bottom and learn how to cure panic attacks, you have to find out whats causing them. To do this will require some deep thinking, and possibly meditation, so you can reach deep inside yourself to figure out the cause. You may be surprised at what is the root cause.

2. Take five – remember that song from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Relax?” That should be your theme song. And you no doubt hear all the time that to stop suffering from attacks you need to relax. But it is easier said than done.

I have found that the best way to relax and de-stress is to take at least an hour to myself (every day if possible) and shut out all noise and distraction. This allows my mind to settle down and I can purge all of the stressful and anxiety inducing thoughts out of my head.
This is hard to do with the hectic lives we lead, but is essential if you ever want to get rid of your attacks for good.

3. Get busy – you've heard it before, if you want to stop having panic attacks, you have to exercise. While this is true, it does not mean you need to go out and run a marathon or anything like that. Typically what is best is to combine exercise with your relaxation techniques. One of the best ways to do this is through yoga.

Yoga will teach you how to tame your attacks by combining the seratonin inducing benefits of exercise with essential ingredient of relaxation. Try yoga and you will be amazed at your results.

By facing your panic head on and staying consistent with exercise and relaxation, you will learn how to cure panic attacks and finally live your life without the fear of your next attack.

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Panic Attacks Fear – Why Fearing a Panic Attack is Your Enemy

Panic Attacks Fear is the number one reason why the attacks keep revisiting. One can never stop Panic attacks successfully without one deals with this issue courageously.

Hard as it may seem at first – it is not all that difficult to master.

For years the experts in the field of anxiety disorder had no clue how to deal with chronic anxiety sufferers. It is only in the last twenty years or so that the concept of Panic Attacks Fear has become a subject that merited further instigation. Surprisingly enough it was first introduced by ex sufferers who, unable to find a cure for their condition, discovered that panic attacks fear was their number one enemy.

What Panic Attacks Fear has to do with the attacks themselves?

Try to remember what you were thinking minutes before your last panic episode. It should not come as a surprise when you discover that what you were actually dwelling on minutes before the attack was thoughts of doom and gloom that culminated with an intenet fear.

If you are like most sufferers then you know the syndrome – the physical sensations that precede the attack, then comes the reaction to those sensations and before you know it, you are completely terrorized by the fear of losing control, going mad or even dying. That is the exact meaning of Panic Attacks' Fear

What can you do about it?

In order to overcome the attacks you must learn how not to fear them. You see – it has been proven time and time again that the fear itself is the very fuel that this condition requires in order to sustain itself. The more fearful you are of the next episode, the more intense the attack. The remedy therefore is to learn how not to fear it.

What can you get rid of your fear?

The first thing is to acknowledge that such a fear exists. You will be surprised, but many sufferers are not even aware of its existence.

Once completed, then you can move on to the next step. Knowing that fearing the attacks brings them on you now can begin to challenge yourself to face the idea that you will not be promised again; examin carefully how do you feel when you begin the challenge. At first it may be scary to even dare not to fear the next attack. It is natural. So do not take it so seriously.

After repeating the above exercise a few times, you will find out that it becomes much easier for you to live with the idea that you are not afraid of having another attack. Now you can go one step further and do the bravest thing, if you can – summon an attack! Yes, dare the attack to come and visit you right now.

If you are able to do that you will find out that you can never use your will power to produce a panic attack. In fact – you will feel a great sense of relief every time you do that. And that is, my friend, the way to get rid of Panic Attacks Fear.

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Deciding on a Panic Disorder Treatment

Once an individual has been diagnosed as to being suffering from anxiety disorder the shock and confusion can often be to them insurmountable but then they are still faced with the decision as to what kind of anxiety disorder treatment they will choose to use.

More often than not when an individual is diagnosed with anxiety or panic attacks they will immediately go onto prescription medication as a form of anxiety disorder treatment without even being aware that there are other options which may be far healthier and beneficial available to them.

The best advice as far as I am concerned when you have been diagnosed with either of these disorders is for you to actually take the time to relax and calm down before deciding on the type of anxiety or panic attacks treatment which you will choose to use.

Luckily nowdays there are a variety of different approaches so far as an anxiety or panic disorder treatment is concerned, yes the old approach was to simply go on scheduled medication to get the disorder under control, but if you ask my opinion, this is nothing more than disguising the symptoms and not actually addressing the cause of the disorder.

Should you always be interested in a far more natural and healthy way to approach your anxiety or panic disorder treatment, then there are many options which are available to you such as, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and brainwave programming.

All of these are very effective ways to actually address the cause of the disorder rather than simply disguise the symptoms. Anxiety and panic disorder are mental disorders and it therefore goes without saying that the best way to address the disorder would be to find an effective mental anxiety or panic disorder treatment.

Instead of simply covering up the cause, why not go into the area where the cause is which is the mind and find ways of doing positive and beneficial brainwave programming as an effective and cost effective means of handling your anxiety or panic disorder treatment?

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How Anger Affects Relationships

Anger is an emotion that is very powerful that it can lead to destructive or violent situations. It usually just something that comes from a little annoyance that got bigger and more serious due to the immense power of it. When someone is angry, his heart beats rapidly and he makes a facial expression that is unbearable for other people.

We can not blame someone of being angry because there is actually a reason why get got into that state. We can even be the reason why he is mad. But we need to know that anger can actually affect lots of factors in our lives and we might be risking too much for it. There are countless ways on how anger affects relationships.

When a person is mad, he loses control of his own self and can start doing violent things just to release that strong pressure inside of him. If this happens, he might start cursing other people or worse, he can hurt them physically. Most of the violent cases people make are caused by immunity anger. We can site some examples from inside our homes. You may recall that when we were kids, we are really playful. We made some silly things that sometimes made our parents angry. As we do that thing again and again, they start growing madder and madder until the yell at us or even give us spanking. That is because they did not get to hold off their anger.

We can be dealing with difficult people at some point of our daily lives. They are people who are always angry. If you look deeper in their inner lives, we can see that these people are mostly divorced, living alone, or does not have a happy family at home. That is how anger affects our relations. If you want to live happily, and peacefully, you need to hold that anger from bursting out of you.

We all live in a world having people that will annoy us at some point. But these are just actually something all of us deal with. There are people who can handle these things more just by having a calm mind. That way, they do not need to yell or hurt people. With so many reasons of how anger affects relationships, it is only a good thing if we try and see the roots of our anger and change it. Anger can go away and go back again. But losing people that we love is lifetime dealing. That is why we need to find ways on how we can stop or at least control our anger.

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Drugs and Panic Attacks

Ambien is a prescription drug that is prescribed for multiple disorders, pain, and as a sleep medication. Panic attacks are an intestinal feeling of pain or discomfort caused by stress, anxiety, or chemical imbalances in the body.

Ambien is prescribed by doctors a lot but due to its side effects many people stop taking it after a while. Ambien due to side effects can be a dangerous drug. Ambien can also do a lot of good as well.

Many people report that the drugs side effects can be dangerous but it does help suppress pain very well and can also give a peaceful night of sleep. Ambien is a very popular drug of choice, that doctors prescribe to patients on a common basis.

About 50% of ex-users say the drug is not right for them because the side effects put them at risk in multiple situations though the other 50% are all for the drug. They say that they see very few side effects or none at all. I would suggest about talking to your doctor more in depth about Ambien if you have been prescribed it and are experiencing some abnormal effects from the drug.

Possible Effects:

1. Diarrhea
2. Dizziness
3. Drowsiness (including daytime drowsiness)
4. “Drugged” Feeling
5. Dry Mouth
6. Headache
7. Nausea
8. Nose or Throat Irritation
9. Sluggishness
10. Stomach Upset.

BELOW are some causes of panic attacks and what they may or may not include. Please feel free to use this information any way you want.

Causes of panic attacks include:

* Heredity
* Phobias
* Lack of Assertiveness
* Medications
* Withdrawal
* Chronic Illness
* and other disorders

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How to Stop My Panic Attacks

When one is trying to find out “how to stop my panic attacks” it is very important for you to be able to begin to understand that no matter how difficult it is to believe, your anxiety attacks are actually impossible to do you any significant harm and that in fact they only have the amount of power over you which you mentally allow them to have.

Due to the fact that anxiety attacks fall under the category of mental disorders it goes to show that these very real and sometimes painful attacks which you are experiencing all originate in your mind when your subconscious perceives a threat which is not actually real and sends your entire body into “fight or flight” mode for no apparent reason.

So it stands to reason that for you to effectively be able to find answers to your “stop my panic attacks” question you will need to be able to firstly be able to bring your panic or anxiety attacks back under control when their first symptoms begin to manifest by means of using relaxation techniques such as the Bagha, controlled breathing or relaxation visualization.

Once you have been able to use one of these types of relaxation techniques successfully to overtake another anxiety or panic attack, then you will find it a lot easier to actually start to confront the cause of your anxiety or panic attacks which is incorrect brainwave programming or negative mental response patterns.

When we are in our young and formative years, our brains are like a sponge absorbing all which is going on around us so as to form effective mental response patterns to help us get through life. Unfortunately sometimes the situations or stimulus which we are exposed to at this time of our lives leads to our subconscious mind developing negative response patterns which prove to be problematic in our live when it tells us to respond to these type of situations or stimulus inappropriate ways which result in our anxiety attacks.

There are many ways to go about correcting this type of incorrect mental programming such as brainwave programming, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and many other techniques which will assist in your quest to “stop my panic attacks”.

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6 Miracle Herbs to Help Overcome Panic Attacks

All Medicines at some stage started out as a plant. We do not think of that when we go in to our local pharmacy and buy tablets to help increase panic attacks, headaches or whatever ails us. It makes you think what did our ancestors do when they had health issues and there were no pharmacies?

They became experts in the use of herbs! Until recent decades Grannies recipes and potions were almost forgotten about. They were deemed old hat. But unfortunately these natural alternative methods are making a big comeback.

Here are 6 herbs that have a history of being beneficial in helping to Overcome Panic Attacks.

1. Kava: This plant originated in the Pacific Islands and is related to our pepper plant. It was well known and used by the Islanders for its relaxing effects on the body. Captain James Cook first came across the Kava plant on one of his voyages to the South Seas. Cook informs us that, whenever the village elders met for council meetings, it always included an elaborate kava ceremony.

Since then, kava is not only widely appreciated for its ability to help alleviate the effects of panic attacks, but it also helps to reduce anxiety. Some individuals also take it as a supplement to help with their symptoms of depression. You can buy this herb in just about any health food store. The only warning that seems to go with this herbal supplement is that pregnant or lactating women should not use it.

2. Lavender: Though lavender is an herb, it is more often thought of as an essential oil. Its fragrance has a calming effect on your senses. Some people will carry a small bottle of the oil with them. When they feel as if an attack is developing they pull out the little bottle and inhale its healing aroma. Many people swear by this. In fact my own sister sprinkles a few drops on her pillow every night before going to bed. She says it feels as if she is “programming her mind” to calm itself.

3. Passionflower: These flowers are native to the tropical and sub-tropical sections of the Americas, especially in Central America. Native Americans in both North and Central America have used these herbs for several centuries to help eliminate anxiety and control stress. In recent times a lot of research has been performed on the passionflower. The experts have discovered that this herb is effective at calming nerves because it acts like a depressant on the central nervous system. They also discovered that it is very beneficial in treating general restlessness, muscle tension and nervousness that is brought on by your worry, overwork or excessive excitement. It is also a great herb for overcoming insomnia. In short, it provides a calming, relaxing and a general anti-anxiety effect. The real experts, the Native Americans knew that already.

Chamomile: Chamomile contains mild sedative properties. It is normally sold as a tea. You will find it on supermarkets shelves just about everywhere nowdays. It is the one herb that just about everyone has heard about. The soothing effects of this herb are known the world over. Chamomile is a great herb to take regularly if you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks., Chamomile is not only safe for adults, but an effective and safe choice for children as well.

5. Lemon Balm: This is another herb that is well known for its soothing effects. It is a favorite among victims afflicted with panic attacks. It is especially useful in calming the digestive juices agitated by stress and tension.
Lemon balm has been known to calm that “racing heart” associated with the onsession of a panic attack. It is a help with lifting the mood of people suffering from mild depression.

6. St. John's Wort: This is another fairly well known and popular herb among herbalists. With its yellow flowers, this plant is native to Europe, where in many parts it is thought of as a weed that can be dangerous to livestock. It has been extremely popular as a natural remedy for depression and laTely has become known as an aid in combatting insomnia. St John Wort is touted as a natural aid for anxiety in general and panic attacks in particular.

Nature is a wonderful thing and in general herbs are safe but it is better to be careful. For instance, see above that Kava should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women .. If you are on medication please consult your doctor before trying a course of herbal remedies. Let him know of your plans and together you can draw up a plan that will help you overcome panic attacks permanently.

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Guide on Overcoming Panic Attacks

People who sufferers from panic attack would warn to live life like anyone else without the obstruction caused by it. Those who had a long term experience with panic attacks are usually the ones who had given up for a cure that can set them free. But, the truth is that there is help available and it is possible to cure from the disorder using natural methods.

I empathize with people who sufferers from the disorder because I witness it myself from my close relatives who experience panic attacks that had ruin their lives. What seem to be an enjoyable activity can not be enjoyed by them due to the fear that held them back.

Naturally, people who experience the attack will grab the nearest and fastest help they could get. Sadly, the help that is available comes in forms of medication tat can only put the pain away temporarily. If you know someone who experience panic attacks and are dependent on drugs, help them in overcoming panic attacks using natural approaches. It is safer to their health in the long term.

Overcoming the disorder is possible and the most important thing to do is to acknowledge the problem. You may be surprised but there are many people who are putting it away, burying it deep in hope that by ignoring it will solve the problem. That is the worst thing to do because the problem will only grow deeper in us if we keep in denial about it. The longer it stays in us, the more rooted it becomes and it will be more difficult to treat.

Understand the importance of overcoming panic attacks, because once you are freed from it once and for all, you will be able to open up and live a quality life, a life that you want, being able to do all the things you can only wish for as you were held back from your fears.

Natural treatments are what many have preferred today because it is effective, safe and also works as a supplement to our body. The natural ways of overcoming the disorder includes relaxation techniques, herbal drinks and psychotherapeutic approach such as cognitive behavior therapy and neuroplasticity.

These natural ways of overcoming panic attacks are easily obtainable over the counter and also online purchase. CBT and neuroplasticity available online are as effective as the ones produced in a group with a therapist at a physical building. The CBT programs on the internet are comprehensive packages that includes many tools to help you do it yourself at the convenience of your home and your time.

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Hot Flash Remedies – Read the Top Cures to Eliminate These Symptoms

When I was young, I would see my mother go through horrific scenes during hot flashes. At least, they would be horrific to me. I just tried to stay away as best as I can and promised myself that when I got older and go through menopause, I would not act in such a way. She would basically push us out of the way to open up a window to get some air. I felt bad for her and felt even worse knowing I was going to have to go through this same process as a woman. Thank goodness this is not 40 years ago and that there are hot flash remedies available.

First off, let me tell you what NOT to do. Using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can have some harmful and dangerous side effects. It can also trigger hormone induced breast cancer. The same thing applies to prescription medication. Before trying any of these methods, talk to your doctor first.

Try staying away from caffeine as well. Caffeine triggers hot flashes. During the flashes at night, have extra bedding available. During the day, apply antiperspirant between your breasts to decrease some of the sweating.

Soy is an ingredient that can reduce hot flashes tremendously. However, use soy in food rather than buying soy pills. In addition, black cohash works wonders as well as progesterone cream. Black cohosh is one of the more popular herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swinggs, vaginal dryness, migraines and more.

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Emotional Healing – Desperation is the Requirement

No-one outside of ourselves creates a sense of desperation. We create it.

The sense of desperation for a solution to a problem to be brought about comes from within. To escape, to obtain, to keep. Desperation is the point at which the emotionally driven urge not to do something is overwhelmed by the emotionally driven urge to do the thing that gets the thing. It is the urge to win.

Desperation is the urge to do something you have never done before.

During desperation we pace floors; become angry at ourselves; others and life in general. But we are energised. We are passionate to the point it feels painful. Aaaargh! That is desperation. Who is to blame for it? No-one is – it is a part of the process of being alive.

During the time I was researching for a cure for my OCD, my obsessions, my phobias, my depression and panic attacks I kept reading scientific papers that said 'incurable' or 'can be managed but can not be removed' or 'the amygdala shrinks irreversibly 'or' this is due to a permanent mis-connection in the brain '.

I repeatedly read how exposure therapy did not work in removing most cases of OCD and obsessions and how others like me had basically 'had it'.

Sufferers like me were told to just accept our lot.

The difference between the people who write these things and myself was they were trying to please an intellectual audience while I was the desperate schmuck in the middle of the problem they were writing about.

I refused to accept what I was reading. I would not give in. I deserved freedom from my multiple conditions. I had worked hard in the external world for others all my life and I would work hard for this now for myself; I had turned and gone into my experience rather than continuing avoiding it.

The emotional responses inside had got much more intense because of this but my determination to succeed was powered by the urge to get rid of them. I was desperate.

I was frustrated by the lack of good, solid information available on how to get well. But my desperation got me through. Desperation and the emotional fuel it generated became my launch pad. I would try anything, risk anything, go anywhere and yes, I would even pay some money towards it (heaven forbid, eh?).

Oh, how I festered on my desperation. But I needed it. You see, despair and all those painful emotions (particularly the anger and frustration) is the requirement .

Without despair I would never have gotten better. Never developed the urge to heal no matter what the 'experts' say.

If you are desperate to heal and find yourself whining about your suspictions of 'those out there wishing to exploit your sense of desperation' just take a step back and rethink – no-one else created that sense, you did.

It is the requirement for healing emotional disorders and for doing pretty much any other thing in life really worth doing when it finally, absolutely, unavoidably needs doing. Look at any difficult area of ​​life and you will find that sense of desperation, when you felt cornered, was the moment that occurred just before you got yourself out of a fix. It comes with the territory of life.

Desperation changes life for the better.

It moves proverbial mountains; it rewires brain patterns; it makes you strong; it knocks down all those intellectual opinions telling you what you need to do can not be done. It makes what looks impossible possible.

Desperation: it could be the best friend you ever had.

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Overcome Panic Attacks Now – 3 Sure Steps to Overcoming Your Panic Today!

Today the problem of panic and anxiety is becoming more and more pressing. And it is obvious because it is impossible to leave with sudden episodes of panic attacks. You feel that you are losing control and no one can help you.

However there is a hope. This problem can be solved and you must know how to do it.

Key steps to overcome panic attacks

1. It's All in Your Head

May be it is hard to believe that panic is a mental problem but that's true. And the best thing is that if it is your mental problem – it can be solved by you in the day you want. And it is not necessary to use medicines and to risk.

Realize it and do not be scared.

2. Take Action

So you know that you can overcome panic attacks and it's time to take action. Be more positive about your life and do not think about negative sides. It helps to stay away from fear and frustration and helps to avoid future panic.

Focus on things you love. Communicate with people and just have fun. Do not complain or make excuses, just be the “soul” of your company and do not sit at home.

Take action to change your life.

Stop watching negative tv programs and devote much time to fitness. Invest your time in your health and begin to breathe fresh air more, do more exercises and try to be more active instead of thinking about problems.

3. Get Advices How To Overcome Panic Attacks from Experienced People

Every person faces obstacles in life. Sometimes it can be financial problems or problems with health (such as panic or anxiety) but there are always steps how to solve your problem. And the person who has suffered for years from panic attacks and overcame them – of course knows the answer.

All you need is to ask him: “What should I do to solve my problem?” and put knowledge that you get into action.

So if you want to stop attacks right now – get knowledge from the person who faced such problem and who knows from his experience what are key steps to overcome panic attacks .

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Understanding PTSD

After traumatic experiences, many individuals develop symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a serious psychological disorder that may greatly alter an individual's way of life, rendering him or her incapable to function normally in everyday social or work-related situations. Although not a physical injury, this disorder is very painful and may disrupt a person's life as much as any physical disability.


As previously stated, PTSD is a serious psychological disorder that interferes with everyday life. The type and severity of symptoms it causes will vary somewhat from one patient to the next. However, some symptoms that most patients will experience include:

  • Flashbacks of the traumatic experience
  • Compulsion to avoid any events or objects that remind the person of the initial trauma
  • Nightmares or difficult sleeping
  • Hyper-arousal, a state of extreme anxiety, tension, and alertness
  • Behavioral changes
  • Difficulty staying focused

These symptoms may strike an individual at any time in any situation. In most cases, individuals will experience PTSD when they are reminded of the traumatic event through memories, mementos, trigger phrases, or other reminders.

In most cases, individuals can not be diagnosed with this disorder until they have experienced the symptoms of the disorder for at least a one-month period. Unfortunately, there is no cure, though advances in medicine and therapy have made the disorder very manageable for many individuals.

When an individual suffers from the life-altering effects of PTSD, he or she should hold the responsible party accountable for his or her negligence if such a party exists.

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5 Keys to Managing Panic Attacks

Proper preparation will put you on the right track for managing panic attacks. It can be difficult to predict when a panic attack will occur, but if you take steps to prepare yourself ahead of time, then you can reduce the severity and impact these attacks have on you. Here are five things you can do ahead of time:

Do not forget to keep breathing.

A lot of times people will start to breath in short and shallow breaths at the outside of a panic attack. They may continue this during the attack as well. The problem is that this type of breathing can prolong the attack. Learning how to breathe to relax yourself is an important tool that you can use to reduce and even stop a panic attack in its tracks. Set aside some time to learn breathing techniques that you can use when you need them.

Find out how to relax.

Although it can be difficult to remember to relax during a panic attack, the ability to do so will go a long way towards managing your attacks. Just like breathing, it's important to learn and practice relaxation before hand.

Know what triggers your attacks.

Are there certain things that lead to your attacks? Understanding these can help you deal with them in the future in a couple of ways. First, you can avoid situations that may lead to an attack, this is not always practical or desirable, however. The second way is that they can give you advanced warning to prepare yourself. Then you can turn your attention to your breathing and your relaxation techniques to help ward off or reduce the pending attack.

Numbers that are important should be easily accessible.

Knowing where you can get help during an attack is critical to managing panic attacks. Whatever you call then yourself or have someone else do it, being able to access the important numbers you need, when you need them, will help get you through an attack. When you leave your home, take a list of emergency contacts, support groups or contacts and your doctor's number.

Carry a “comfort bag”.

Another thing you can to help manage panic attacks is have a bag ready that you can take with you when you go out. Sometimes having things that are comforting to you can help calm you down. Put items that make you feel comfortable along with your list of contacts in the bag.

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Panic Attacks Symptoms – What Are the Symptoms?

Panic attack is a condition which can be experienced by several individuals without them knowing that they are already suffering from this mental health problem; that is why it is very important for you to know what the panic attacks symptoms are so that the moment you observe some of its signs you can immediately seek immediate medical attention.

Bear in mind that each individual may experience different symptoms of panic attack; and some of these signs are almost the same as with other health problems. Consequently, you need to carefully assess the symptoms and try to consider having panic disorder as one of the possible causes for the occurrence of the symptom.

To assist you in identifying the problem, take note of the following panic attacks and try to observe if you are suffering from any one of them:

• Hyperventilation
• Nausea
• Fear of death
• Shortness of breath
• Increased heart rate
• Immense sweating
• Numbness on the feet or hands
• Light-headedness
• Dizziness
• Headache
• Dry mouth
• Chills
• Fear of losing control
• Chest pain
• Detached feeling
• Headache

These are just among the most common symptoms of having panic episodes. The moment you experience some of the aforesaid signs then it would be best to consult your physician so that required treatment may be initiated as recommended by medical experts.

There are several treatment options that the doctor may give; the most common method to treat an attack and further prevent panic episodes is use of prescribed drugs. This is mostly preferred by many doctors because it is very effective in stopping an attack. It also gives immediate relief from one of the symptoms; that is why this method is usually considered as their first line treatment for this health issue.

However, since use of medications are generally associated with possible adverse events and reactions, some people shy away from using prescribed drugs. Another option is the natural method which involves consultation with medical experts where the patient is guided on how to bypass an attack the moment it strikes.

In other cases, breathing exercises and some relaxation techniques may work; as well as avoiding some of its triggers like extreme pressure in work. Here, it is also best to find out what triggers panic episodes to occur when managing this condition. Neverheless, it also goes down to learning how to detect this problem by knowing panic attacks symptoms.

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