Help For Panic Attacks – Secret Methods to Stop Panic Attacks

If you are actively seeking out help for panic attacks you will be glad to know that panic disorder is fairly easy to treat. In fact it is considered one of the easiest anxieties disorders to treat. When you suffer from panic it is simply your mind and body processing anxiety incorrectly … if you can just learn how to process this remedy correctly and you can end panic attacks forever. The problem with most people that are looking at help for panic attacks is that they do not really understand how to stop them. These people have learned behaviors and habits to deal with anxiety … unfortunately these habits actually tend to cause panic. If you can break the cycle of anxiety you do not need expensive medications or hours in therapy.

One of the key things you have to do to stop panic is to abruptly stop your brain from thinking negative thoughts. One way to do this simply is to interrupt your thought process. You can interrupt your thought process by doing something such as snapping a rubber band on your wrist or just saying “stop” out loud. When you do something like this it distracts you from your original thoughts and anxieties. As long as your thoughts go away from your panic and anxiety you should be safe from panic attacks.

Another thing that is helpful for panic attacks is to eliminate harmful substances from your life. If you're constantly consuming alcohol, caffeine, or smoking cigarettes your body will find it impossible to maintain equilibrium. When your body is out of balance it will send distress signs to your mind. These distress signals are often misinterpreted as anxiety … when this anxiety builds up to a certain point you can no longer take it … and before you know it you're having a full-fledged panic attack.

Breathing correctly offers help help for panic attacks sufferers. When you are angry on under a lot of stress your breathing patterns tend to be quick and shallow. When you do this for an extended amount of time you are robbing your mind and body of essential oxygen that it needs to function correctly. If you can concentrate on your breathing you should be able to take long, deep, and relaxing breaths. When you breathe like this you'll feel incredibly relaxed and balanced. It is impossible to suffer a panic attack when you are in a relaxed state like this.

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Stop a Panic Attack – Essential Tips to Stop Panic Attacks

There are some simple things you can do to help stop a panic attack. If you are suffering through the horrors of panic disorder … you know first hand how much additional stress and anxiety is added to your life. There may not be one magic cure for everyone, but there are many ways to cope with your symptoms. When you can alleviate your symptoms you can stop a panic attack before it even starts.

There are some simple thing that you can do that will help you alleviate anxiety and panic. There are all natural, safe and effective ways to stop panic. If you can learn how to stop your panic disorder early you are well on your way to never suffering from panic or anxiety again.

Try following these steps to stop a panic attack:

1) Interrupt your patterns and stop a panic attack. When you have a panic disorder your thoughts start to race out of control until you feel so much anxiety that you just can not take it anymore. If you can interrupt these thoughts you prevent yourself from having a panic breakdown. The best way to interrupt your thoughts of losing control is to yell out “STOP!” Seriously this works … it may be embarrassing … it may be weird … but it does stop your thoughts from spiraling out of control. It puts you back in control and it calms you down.

2) Once you have interrupted your thoughts you have to focus on something else. At this point you really need to take your mind off your worries. Now you need to take your pent up energy and direct it at something else. This can be anything … Writing, exercise, painting, music … anything to divert your attention and stop a panic attack.

3) Breathe properly. Most people never really consider this when trying to stop a panic attack. When you are anxious you take short shallow breaths from your chest. This makes your body feel as though it is suffocating because you do not get enough oxygen … it really puts your body under a lot of stress. Make sure to breathe deep and slow from your abdomen … not your chest. Once you lean to breathe properly you will be able to stop a panic attack.

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Panic Attacks – Self Help Options For Panic Attacks

For people that suffer from panic attacks, self help options are often the most effective treatments. The seems to defy many people's logic … when most people discover that they are suffering from anxiety disorders that run to the doctor to get prescribed medications that dull their symptoms. Medication is great if you want to just mask your symptoms … but it really does nothing to cure the source of your panic.

You should really not consider medication a long term answer for panic attacks. Self-help options on the other hand help you fight your disorder where it starts … naturally, safely, and effectively. When you fight the source of panic attacks … you are effectively preparing yourself to get rid of your panic disorder permanently.

To effectively stop panic attacks you want to look at your treatment from long-term standpoint. You can not just take some medications and have your symptoms go away. As soon as you stop taking the medication your symptoms come back … and usually they are stronger than ever. You have to fight the root cause of your panic attacks. You have to combat the imbalances within your body.

Try these panic attacks self help cures:

– Have someone to confide in. If you have a friend or family member that you can trust make sure to talk to them about your panic disorder. Having a confidant, or someone to talk to, is a great reliever of stress and anxiety.

– Eat healthy. What you drink and eat can affect the amount of anxiety you feel. When you eat unhealthy foods your body gets out of balance. When your body gets out of balance it releases stress signals to your brain. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables you will help maintain your internal balance.

– Make sure to get a healthy amount of exercise. Exercise has been scientifically proven to keep you calm and relaxed … therefore it's a great way to practice panic attacks self help. It is also a great way to blow off some steam. If you are suffering from panic attacks you can burn off extra stress and energy by exercising.

– Learn to distract yourself when you feel panic attack coming on. People do this in many ways … you can write, go take a walk, draw, paint, just do something. If you do something that soothes and relaxes you is very hard to feel panic and anxiety … have you ever felt relaxed and anxious at the same time? Probably not …

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Curing Panic Attacks Naturally – 2 Essential Tips

Curing panic attacks is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Sure … it may seem really difficult at first but there are some easy to follow tips that can help you in curing panic attacks. You can even implement these tips right now. As long as you really work at it you will be able to overcome your panic and anxiety. Lucky for you, every day becomes easier and easier until suddenly your panic and anxiety just do not affect you anymore.

Try these 2 helpful tips for curing panic attacks:

1) Start curing your panic attacks by changing the substances that you put into your body. Would you ever put sand in your cars gas tank? If you did what you think would happen? I'm not a mechanic so I do not really know … but I could tell you that it probably would not be good!

Unfortunately most people are constantly poisoning their own bodies by feeding themselves a steady diet of junk food. When you do this your body gets very out of whack. If your body is not in a state of equilibrium it sends out distress signs to your mind. These distress signals are misinterpreted as anxiety … ever this anxiety builds up until you can not take it anymore … then you have a panic attack.

2) Start curing panic attacks by balancing your mind and body. The easiest way to balance yourself out is to participate in some sort of a physical exercise regimen. There have been a ton of studies done about this … and they all show that exercise is great for lowering your anxiety. Less anxiety means less of a chance of panic.

When you exercise your heart rate increases, you start sweating, and you start to breathe quickly. Does this sound familiar? These are probably some of the symptoms you suffer from when you have a panic attack … So … exercise will help your body get used to being in a hyper state. When you are used to it … the feelings you get; the ones that usually cause your panic will not affect you as bad. Your body becomes much more accredited to the feelings of panic and anxiety.

Curing panic attacks may seem impossible at first … but you have a ton of options that can help you. If you just stay stubborn about it you will start to overcome your disorder. The harder you work towards your goal … the easier it becomes to achieve.

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Overcome Panic Attacks – The Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

You can overcome panic attacks easily … without the help of your doctor. The best way to start fighting panic is to understand what is going on inside your mind and body. When you have a god understanding of what is going on inside of you … you can start to over it. When you take control of your mind and body you can control your disorder.

How can you overcome panic attacks naturally?

1) Overcome panic disorder with physical exercise. Exercise is scientifically proven to help with anxiety. That's a fact! If you have less anxiety … you are less likely to have a panic and anxiety. Also when you increase your heart rate, your breathing, and you really start sweating you get a good feeling. This good feeling helps you when you start to panic … How? Well, your body equates all of your panic symptoms with that good feeling (like an increase in heart rate or heavy breathing) so these symptoms no longer cause you to panic. You desensitize yourself to the feelings that typically bring on panic and anxiety.

2) Get a good amount of sleep. There is no easier way to overcome panic disorder then to get a full night sleep. When your body is not properly rested it will send stress and anxiety signals to your mind. This anxiety keeps building up until you can not take it anymore … then … before you know it … panic attack! When you sleep you relieve stress and anxiety that accumulates during the day.

3) Overcome panic attacks by being a social butterfly. This is going to be the last thing that people with panic disorders are going to want to hear … Typically people with panic disorders are scared to leave their homes because they fear when their next attack will strike. You have to avoid this feeling … you have to really get out there … once you do you will feel less lonely and you start to get more connected to people. This connected feeling alone can help you overcome panic attacks.

It's an awesome feeling once you learn how to overcome panic attacks. When you figure out how to beat them you no longer have the burden of panic attacks constantly on your mind. You can be free from the embarrassing reasons and feelings that you used to experience. Once you overcome panic attacks your life turns around and it becomes fun to live again.

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Help For Panic Attacks – Tips and Techniques

A panic disorder is a serious condition to be diagnosed with. Even without having to tell you the full detail of this ailment you probably already know what it entails to those that it affects. The condition can be debilitating as well as very limiting. Attacks can create enough fear and trauma causing an individual to drop activities and interactions that they feel can be a threat – activities and interactions that are essential to emotional growth and psychological maturity.

For those seeking help for panic attacks, there are so many that can be given. Online sites, psychologists, books, doctors, articles, medical journals – all can provide you with the information that you might need. But how will you be able to discern those that are with value from those without? Remember that when dealing with anxiety or panic related issues, time is somewhat your enemy as without prompt and proper action, the condition can develop further into more serious cases.

Here are a few pointers that can get you started in the right direction when looking for tips and techniques:

Simplicity: When looking for a particular technique, choose those that are simple enough to understand and easy enough to remember. This will help you get the methods that you need that much faster without and confusion. Start with basic self care techniques, ie breathing, relaxation methods, relaxation; are all effective techniques when used under the right context and conditions. So start from there and take it further as you go along.

Credible: There are many different methods with varying rationalities found on the internet, and finding the right one for your need will take much more than just picking up a technique and running with it. Look for those techniques that makes enough sense, has done credible study, and has had enough tests to verify that credibility.

Be open minded: When looking for techniques or tips for that matter, be open minded enough as you will probably come across a lot of chaff along the way. Learn to determine valuable information from those that are nothing more than just pumped up words placed in an article. Remember the saying “if something is too good to be true, then it probably is”, this will help you in a lot of ways.

If you are looking for effective help for panic attacks, start by making systematic steps first. This will minimize the chances of running into problems later on, as well as prevent you from falling into pitfalls when it comes to solution hunting. Remember, experts will not be able to do everything for you, in some instances you must be willing to take personal action to insure safety as well as effectiveness.

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A Natural Way to Cure Panic Attacks

When you are diagnosed with an anxiety and panic disorder it may be difficult to decide on a treatment that will enable you to find a cure that is right for you. If you decide that medication is not your preferred choice of treatment sometimes it might be worth considering the benefits of a natural treatment such as yoga.

Meditation and yoga have been around for thousands of years and have been used successfully by many people as a way to relieve stress and to calm the mind. Yoga is not about getting your body in to all sorts of strange positions. It's about learning how to relax by adopting the correct posture and breathing techniques.

You may not realize that the stress of the symptoms of a panic attack will make you take shallow, quick breaths, which means that you are not taking in enough oxygen. If your brain does not get enough oxygen you will be left feeling lethargic. So learning the correct way to breathe will bring great results and mean you will be using the full capacity of your lungs.

If all this talk about yoga is new to you, do not worry, there is a lot of very good useful information to be found on specialized web sites. There are also a great many books and DVD's available all of which will be helpful. These are useful if you if you want to explore the many benefits that yoga can bring. Unlike medication, there will never be any side effects and if you prefer not to join a class you can learn to practice at home. So why not give some thought to trying this natural way to cure your panic attacks.

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Panic Attack Natural Remedy – Baby Powder

If you have had a panic attack maybe your doctor put you on medication. That did not work out that entire well did it? What you would really like is a panic attack natural remedy is not it? Well the good news is there are a number of things that can reduce your anxiety and control the symptoms of a anxiety attack.

How much more natural a remedy can there be than odors. That's right, aroma therapy is now being used to as a remedy for people who have experienced a panic attack. Almost the nose knows what is calming and what brings on a reduction in anxiety and an increase in feeling good.

The aromas that seem to work the best are rather surprising. For almost everyone, the smell of baby powder can almost immediately reduce fear. Other aromas work nearly as well in fast panic control but it depends on where in the country you were raised. For people who lived in the East it's the scent of flowers. Fresh air does the trick for those raised in the South. In the Midwest, not surprisingly, it's the smell of farm animals. And for those in the West, barbequed meat on the grill is a calming influence.

If you were born in Des Moines here are a few other tips that you can use before you race out and buy a bottle of “eau de hog”.

During a panic attack there is the risk of hyperventilating caused by the short rapid breaths that many sufferers experience. Deep breathing can eliminate that risk but it also does a great deal more to control the panic attack.

Slow deliberate deep breathing at a rate of 8 to 10 breaths a minute will oxygenate the body but also slow down the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. With reduced blood pressure the distribution of adrenalin is curved and your body can return to normal faster. This is a powerful anxiety attack natural remedy.

Another natural remedy that applies to everyone is exercise. Aerobic exercise is a great natural cure for panic attack. If you can start a brisk walk at the sunset of an attack you will be burning off adrenalin. In fact you'll be reacting exactly the way the body is supposed to react when the fight or flight response kicks in.

So your search for a panic attack natural remedy is partially answered with smells from childhood, cleansing breaths and some moderate aerobic exercise.

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Overcoming Panic Attacks – Train Your Brain

You've been through one or more panic attacks and the only thing you know about them for certain is you do not want to go through another one. In fact that fear of having another panic attack is what's changing the way you live is not it? Overcoming anxiety attacks is the number one goal of most people who suffer from them.

The good news is that you can with a little knowledge and courage.

The fear of a panic attack actually becomes a larger issue than the attack itself for most people. It's this fear that has caused a change in your quality of life. If for example your attack took place on the freeway, you probably only take surface streets now. It takes you 20 minutes longer to get to work but you are terrified of getting on the freeway.

What if you could overcome that fear of the panic attack? What if you knew for a fact that you could handle the symptoms and that a panic attack could not cause any adverse action. Would your fear of the attack lessen? Of course it would. Overcoming panic attacks is not that difficult.

The cause of the physical symptoms in an attack is a message that you send to your brain that you are in immediate danger. This message is based on an irrational fear and the cause of that fear may take some time before you fully understand it. However, the message is sent and the body responds by kicking in the fight or flight response.

This response causes the production of adrenalin and cortisol, two hormones meant to increase awareness and speed up bodily functions like heartbeat and breathing. So long as the brain is acting on the incorrect message of danger, it will continue to produce these hormones and prepare the body for a fight.

The key then is to interrupt the message. Distract your brain. Task it with another problem. It can be a simple command by screaming at the brain to “stop” either out loud or in your mind. You can task it with a fairly complex problem like counting back from 180. If you can accomplish that, you have distracted the brain for 3 minutes and the symptoms of the attack will disappear.

The best technique to overcoming attacks is to simply accept them for what they are. You know it will pass, you know you will not die; you know it can not do you any harm. If the situation is appropriate, just let the panic attack wash over you. In 10 to 12 minutes it will be over and you will have survived. Each time will become less frightening because you understand that it can do no harm. Sometimes you'll never fear them at all and when that happens, they will stop happening.

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Have You Experienced These Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms?

Maybe you thought you were going to die. It was a horrible experience and you really do not understand why it happened. Are you physically ill or was it something else. Take a moment to review these anxiety panic attack and see if they do not match up with what you went through.

Anxiety attack is kind of a misnomer in that anxiety is a general condition that may cause the specific event we call a anxiety attack. Anxiety panic attack symptoms usually start with an elevated sense of anxiety. If you felt something was just wrong. If you thought impending doom was right around the corner this would qualify as an elevated state of anxiety.

It's when that anxious state gets to a point that it triggers a message in the brain that there is imminent danger that things start to get dicey and a panic attack occurs.

Symptoms of a panic attack can vary from person to person but it is common to experience a tightening of the chest muscles which in turn makes it difficult to breathe. When this occurs the normal response is to panic because of its closeness to a heart attack symptom and that response just increases the anxiety level.

Another of the common anxiety attack symptoms is a sense that you are losing control of your body. You may find it difficult to walk or move an arm. You have to understand that a fight or flight response has been triggered by an irrational fear and that response, not an illness or other danger, is what's causing these symptoms. In other words it will pass.

Irrational fear is a core symptom of a panic attack. This is the anxiety that causes the physical response. What causes the fear is something that may take you a good long time to figure out but know that the attack is not based on real danger but a perceived danger.

There are other anxiety attack symptoms that may occur but just remember that they will pass. Nobody has ever died from an anxiety panic attack and managing and controlling those events can be a reliably easy thing to learn.

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Effective Remedies For Panic Attacks Do Not Include Drugs – Important – Read This Right Now!

When you think about remedies for panic attacks, and you are an American, you probably think about medication like muscle relaxants and anti depressants. In fact that might be the first thing that your doctor thinks of as well because in America we have a pill for everything.

The fact of the matter though, is that medication simply masks the symptoms of a panic attacks that are not remedies or cures. In addition they are not long term solutions. No ethical doctor will keep prescribing anti depressants on a continuous basis. This simply means that at some point you are going to have to deal with the problem yourself.

There are really two issues here. First is the cause of the anxiety attack. Just what is it that sent the message to your brain that triggers the panic attacks? This could have been something in your childhood or something that happened last week. Finding this root cause of your anxiety will take time and perhaps therapy.

Then there is the more immediate issue of a remedy for the Anxiety attack itself. Fortunately this is far easier to come by.

The first step to a remedy is to understand that during a panic attack, your body is simply responding to a false message that has been sent to the brain that you are in immediate danger. This triggers the fight or flight response which is responsible for all those terrible symptoms like shortness of breath and a racing heartbeat.

There are techniques that you can use to interrupt that false message and thebyy stop the fight or flight response. Basically they all involve distracting your brain by commanding it to do a new task. These tasks can be as simple as counting back or doing math problems in your head.

You can also slow down the symptoms using deep breathing exercises which slow the heartbeat thereby slowing the distribution of adrenalin through the system. This gives you a break in which you can focus on getting back to reality.

The best cure or remedy though is to simply understand the panic attack for what it is. It will be temporary, do you no physical harm and will pass in less than 15 minutes. If you just let it wash over you, you will diminish its power over you.

Effective remedies for panic attacks always include an understanding of the event. Proper training can lead to an elimination of anxiety and panic attacks. Your brain causes them, your brain can stop them.

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The Best Way to Prevent a Panic Attack – Best Cure For Preventing Panic Attacks!

The best way to prevent a panic attack is to invite another one to happen. Sounds counter intuitive does not it? But it's true. If you really think about it for a moment, you're not so much afraid of the symptoms of a panic attack, what you are really scared of is having the attack.

By now you know that the symptoms of the attack, the shortness of breath, racing heart and tense muscles, will not do you any physical harm. What you fear is having an attack in public or around friends or family. What you're afraid of is the embargo. What you fear is other people thinking you are crazy.

This fear of having an attack has changed the way you live has not it. You try to avoid people and places that you think might trigger another one. It really has changed the quality of your life and you want to find a sure fire way to prevent another panic attack so your life does not get any worse than it is.

Unfortunately, most people try to prevent panic attacks by running away from them. They run from situations they think will cause them. Over time they find there are fewer and fewer “safe” places to run to. In extreme cases the only safe place is their home. This is called agoraphobia and it is quite serious.

The way to prevent a panic attack is to run to it not away from it. If you accept it for what it is, an event that will do you no physical harm and that will last less than 15 minutes, and let it wash over you, its effectiveness will diminish.

Think of it as your first ride on a roller coaster. The first time is full of apprehension because you've never experienced it before. By the tenth ride it has become ho hum and you are looking for a bigger more exciting ride. The same holds true of panic attacks.

If you knew you could handle the symptoms, if it became a ho hum interference in your life, you would not fear having another. In fact if you challenge that attack to occur and go to an “unsafe” place, odds are the attack will not come. The best way to prevent a panic attack is to simply challenge it. Knowing why you have a anxiety attack is half the battle. Once you know why, then you will be able to stop it.

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Self Help For Anxiety – Schedule Your Worry Time

Anxiety is a part of our life. We all have it and it can be helpful as a motivator to perform our best but when it takes over our lives it can be devastating. If you find that you spend all day worrying then you may want to try a little self help for anxiety to get your life back on track.

When people obsess over worrying or anxiety, what they are really doing is trying to control the future by avoiding bad things. This is totally irrational and may in fact turn into self fulfilling prophecies because of the attention they give them. Focusing on worse case scenarios eliminates the possibility of a more positive exit and dooms the worrier to elevated anxiety levels.

So what can you do in the way of self help for anxiety? It's impossible to stop worrying completely. You might be able to distract your mind for a moment but the worry will come back. There are however a couple of self help techniques that you can try to lower your anxiety.

The first is to accept the unpredictable. No matter how much you worry about something, events happen and your anxiety about them can not stop them. Tell the control freak in you to take a holiday.

Schedule you're worried. Pick a time and place that you will allow yourself to worry full time. Do not make it to close to bedtime because you do not want to carry those thoughts into the bed with you. An excellent way to schedule this is by taking a daily walk.

Most people exercise in the morning but exercising at the end of the day has a number of advantages. First of all walking allows you to focus on your worry. There's no equipment involved and the only thing you have to be conscious of is the traffic around you. Secondly, walking burns of the adrenalin that has accumulated over the day and continues to accumulate as you worry. Lastly walking briskly will cause endorphins to be released which will make you feel better.

Self help for anxiety is simply a matter of scheduling your worry time and reducing your anxiety with some physical activity. Try it and see how much better you feel.

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Panic Away Review – One Move to a Better Life

Joe Barry, the developer of the panic away system to eliminate panic and stress, has become one of the two or three most recognized names in the field of self help for anxiety. His “One Move” technique is time proved and unique. This quick panic away review will cover some of the highlights that make panic away such an effective anxiety reduction tool.

First there is Joe Barry himself. He was a long time sufferer of some anxiety and panic disorder who went through all the chemical treatments only to find that they were ruining his life. He did not just stumble across the “One Move” technique; it is the result of years of trial and error.

Another quality about panic away that makes it stand out in any review of these systems is Joe's obviously care for the people who trust him to help. When you get to a certain level of success, when you have thousands of active people using your system, it's easy to slip up on personal attention. Joe's program offers an incredible amount of effective information but he will provide one on one support when requested. This is a mark of a man who cares, not just a man who wants to market a product.

The basis of his “One Move” technique is breaking the anxiety loop. It is fear that causes the panic attack and the fear of another attack invites an attack to come on. It is an endless loop of fear. Panic away clearly shows how to break that loop, not temporarily, but permanently.

No panic away review would be complete although if it did not mention that Joe's system addresses immediate relief to immediate problems but also provides strategies for a long term permanent panic cure. It is not a quick fix program but one that a person can continue to practice until panic and anxiety are completely out of their lives. It is in short, a way back to life the way it used to be before the panic attacks.

This panic away review is not meant to cover all the qualities of the program but just the ones that make it different from similar programs available. With over 40,000 people who have cured their panic using panic away, it appears to be a product that deserves investigation.

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Do You Know the Signs and Symptoms of Panic Attacks?

Signs and symptoms of panic attacks are often confused with the symptoms of other diseases most commonly heart attacks. Symptoms of a anxiety attack include shortness of breath and a tightening of chest muscles. In most people's minds, those symptoms are related to a heart attack and that's the principal reason so many panic attack victims wind up in ER's complaining of heart attacks.

But signs and symptoms of panic attacks include more than just mimicking heart attacks. All a anxiety attack episode really is, is an exaggerated but inherently normal bodily response to an irrational fear.

We all have the fight or flight response built into our wiring. It's there to protect us from danger. When the brain triggers the response the body makes preparations to run or fight. These calls for higher oxygenation both by rapid breathing and pumping blood faster and harder, tightening muscles and getting them ready and pumping adrenalin to give us a heightened awareness.

The problem begins when the brain is triggered not by an immanent danger, like getting mugged, but by an irrational fear caused by anxiety. This perceived danger is what causes the panic attack.

Irrational fear is a principal symptom of a attack and a sign that something deeper is causing this fear. It's irrational to believe that a theater is suddenly going to collapse on you while watching a movie but this symptom of irrational fear is telling you that it's a real threat.

Another sign that is common in the symptoms of panic attacks is the fear of impending death. Panic attacks are the closest that most of us will ever come to near death experience. But the good news is that nobody has ever died. It just feels that way.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety attacks usually start with an elevated anxiety level. Anxiety attacks come in waves starting out small and then building. It's not unusual to experience a general sense of uneasiness or a feeling that something is going to go wrong.

These are some of the symptoms of a anxiety attack. They can be controlled and managed with a little effort and panic attacks do not have to be a part of your life. You need to act before you have another attack. Do not just do it for yourself but do it for your family too. You will be happy you did and so will your loved ones.

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