Panic Attacks – Description and Treatments

Do you freak yourself out at the thought of your body to stop functioning when you experience a panic attack? Do you fear death as you feel yourself drawing extremely short breaths or thinking your stomach is going to go under complete self destruction or sometimes that your heart is going to collapse under pressure? You need to know that every reaction it is showing is actually your body's way of dealing with dangers. Fortunately treatments and prevention tips for anxiety and panic attacks are available.

An out of now swell of extreme anxiety, accompanied by sweating, nausea, dizziness, hot flashes (or chills), increased heart beat, breathlessness and a stomach ache is what is defined as a panic attack. An attack is often a manifestation hidden stress and emotional pains that are now clawing to get out. In other cases though, these attacks seem to surface from unknown places. Based on the volume of the attack, cases of the attacks differ from one person to another. For some it can last for hours while others undergo the attack in about 15 minutes. This all depends on the individual experiencing said attack.

So you wonder of the treatments which are available to tame these attacks.

Psychotherapy is not limited to those diagnosed with mental illness. People with anxiety disorders have been helped by it and in any case, it is healthy for your inner being. People also believe in medication to help with their anxiety issues and the prevention of attacks. Drugs prescribed to victims of panic and anxiety attacks include antidepressants and diazepam, from the class of benzodiazepine.

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Treatments For Both Mild and Severe Panic Attack Cases

Panic attacks have been known to affect people worldwide. The demand for new methods and alternatives to treat and overpolic attacks are extremely high and likely to rise in time. One of the ways is the prescription of medicine which will help tame the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Each individual case is different in that triggers are never the same from one person to another so ways and approaches to treating anxiety attacks need to be studied in detail and comprehensively completely in the hopes of making suitable choices.

Several people go under a vicious spell of panic attacks and basic solutions do them no good at all. Scheduled consultations with professionals and the taking of sedatives however have helped many people. This method is among many others which may work for you in your effort to get rid of some of your attack symptoms.

For those with extreme cases of the attacks, you need to seek for more treatments other than medicines. Therapy should also be considered as well as changes in your lifestyle.

For those of you suffering from minor attacks, it is quite recommended for you to use anti depressants. They take some time to show results because so you need to take them on a regular basis over a long period of time.

As a drug that combats anxiety, benzodiazepines works quickly and gives you instant help over the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. Prior consultation with a professional however is imperative since the drug can be extremely addictive and when you stop taking it, you may go under a withdrawal period.

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The Reasons You Need More Than Medication For Your Panic Attacks

If you have experienced panic attacks you know that it is definitely not easy to control them. I am going to discuss about the reasons behinds these difficulties and also guide you toward the solution.

Going to the doctors with your problem of panic attacks will likely get you a prescription of Celexa or Xanax. They work amazingly well in managing the attacks by hiding physical symptoms like extreme anxiety, hot flashes and sweating as well as the attack itself. What dims this good news however is the fact that these medications only serve as band aid to your symptoms and not an answer to your defect problem. Your attacks are going to happen again in the future when you decide, for whatever reasons, to stop taking the medicine, not to mention all those uncomfortable symptoms of panic disorders.

Medication as panic attacks treatment are as effective as putting on make up on an aging face. You control the display for a while but you are not stopping the time nor getting any younger. Examples of medicine as stated above come with extreme side effects and it is recommended for you to take them for too long a time.

If you wonder why it is so difficult to treat and overcome these attacks, it is simply because your brain is trapped in an evil cycle that is never ending. You are afraid of an attack and in turn, that fear adds to your anxiety and it all snowballs from there. Then comes the panic attack which causes this to go downhill even faster, leaving you unable to control anything. Halting this process requires special treatments that no medications can provide you.

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Are You Suffering From Panic Attacks?

Feelings of anxiety and fear are something anyone may feel at any given time. Still it is necessary the ability to tell between natural anxiety and disorder is essential. This article is going to discuss more about what panic attack really is. When you finally know what they really are you will be able to pick up the signs of anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

How to identify signs of panic attack:

1. What distinguishing panic attack from normal anxiety is frequency and intensity. Both things are a lot worse in the case of panic attacks. Moreover, most of the time the attacks are triggered by reasons unknown. There is no rationalizing the process really.

2. These attacks have this average time of ten minutes while normal anxiousness has no absolute time limits.

3. Physical symptoms are clearly displayed in the cases of these attacks. Feelings of dizziness, perspiration, increased heart rate and unreasonable overwhelming fear are some of the tell tale signs you can observe.

4. Other less discernible but nevertheless indicative sings include irrational social problems the likes of feeling alone, depression, fear of being in public and agoraphobia.

5. People falling victims to these attacks generate the reasons why they are afraid all on their own, reasons incomprehensible by others around them. So discuss your fear with friends and families to see if there are any grounds to what you're feeling.

6. If any of these are what you have observed in yourself, do go to and get professional opinion as to whether or not you are suffering from these attacks. These symptoms may indicate a series of other severe illness and you'll do well to make sure of things.

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A Sure Cure For Panic Attacks

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of panic attacks. They are perfectly curable. Experiencing these attacks is frightening. Anxiety attacks are synchronous with panic attacks. Curing yourself of the terrible affliction is easy so long as you are aware of every aspect of the attack. The overt symptoms of it are:

• Increased rate of heart beats a pounding sensation.
• Excessive sweating of palms, feet or face
• Fear of contemporary doom.
• Intense nauseated feeling.
• Lack of sensation in the hands, face, feet and chest.
• Quickened breathing
• Inability to stay focused on even daily activity.

The cause of these attacks can be traced to:

• Little terrifying incidences and unsuccessful memories can start an attack.
• A traumatic experience in the immediate past, like a car accident.
• Thyroid related problems
• Agoraphobia or fear of open spaces.

The attacks can be kept at bay in more than one way:

• Stay away from trigger situations, being a short and good treatment.
• Accept past experiences that were terrifying and get over them.
• Get your thyroid checked by a doctor. You may be a victim of hypo or hyper thyroid
• Overcome your anxieties and fears of past and present.

Panic attacks can be pretty scary and ruin your professional and domestic life. There is a number of possible symptoms and causes of the panic disorder. There are lots of treatments, preventives and therapies that can be used to combat your attacks effectively and for good so that you can lead a carefree and happy life again.

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The Method “They” Don’t Want You to Know About to Stop Panic Attacks

One of the most annoying things about anxiety attacks, is the fact that it affects each person differently, so making it hard to diagnose it in the first place, and much less easy to determine how to cure their panic disorders. In this article, I'm going to reveal a secret trick that I used when dealing with my own panic attacks. It's not really a trick, as much as it is a new change of life. We're going to start treating our panic attacks by eating a much healthier diet.

Now, before you go all crazy on me, just hear me out. You might be surprised! There are foods out there that you can eat, and they will help you control and stop your anxiety attacks. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading …

The old saying of “You are what you eat” will be coming in to play here. Most people think it's just a fun saying used by moms to get their kids to eat their veggies, but it's very true! So, what's the secret here? It's called comfort food. What do I mean by that?

Certain foods will calm your nerves and put your mind at ease temporarily – which is perfect for panic attacks as they normally last around 15 minutes. So, what types of foods qualify as “comfort food?”

Chocolate. Chocolate is one of the ultimate “comfort foods” out there. It's yummy, easy to eat, easy to find, and while you're digesting it, your brain releases “feel good” hormones.

Another good one is VEGETABLES. Now, I know … That does not sound like a 'comfort' food to most, but most people do not get even 1 / 10th the amount of vegetables that they need in a day. As you may realize, this can cause many health problems – both physical and mental. So, we've talked about the foods that can help you stop panic attacks … What foods should you not be eating?

Try to stay away from anything that gets your mind all bouncy and active. Things like coffee and cola are bad. Alcoholic drinks are also a no no. Very salty foods can also be very damaging, as they cause your blood pressure to rise. Finally, try to eat smaller meals, as your body does not have to work as hard to digest small meals, as it will to digest a big meal.

It's not a magic pill, but you are now on your way to naturally curing panic attacks. You can not give up if you want to conquer them and get your life on track.

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Fright, Fight and Flight – Panic Attacks

If one is asked his / her greatest fear in life, he / she will probably give an answer relating to death or experience that may lead to death. It can be a chronic illness, an accident or murder. But there is a condition called panic attack which is described to be the most miserable situation a person can ever be in.

Characterized by a sudden feeling of extreme anxiety and fear, a panic attack often comes with shortness or heavy breathing, irregular heart palpitations, stomach discomfort, chest pain, lightheadedness, trembling, in other words, it is probably the most uncomfortable and miserable situation one can ever be in. This event triggers a fight or flight response. This response triggers the release hormones particularly epinephrine responsible for adrenaline, the body then reacts by escaping what is supposedly seen as harmful, hence the name, fight or flight.

The attack is usually attached to a condition agoraphobia which is the fear of being trapped in an inescapable situation. And this is why people experiencing the attack feel suffocated and trapped so the urge to escape. The following are believed to be the most common causes and triggers of an attack:

• Family history. The condition can be hereditary. Environmental factors can also cause one to adapt the disorder. If a child grows up with their parents being overly protective and constrained, it causes trauma. And the stress level can build up that will eventually lead to an attack.

• Biological causes. Some people have an obsessive compulsive syndrome which is possible one cause. Other factors that can trigger the disorder are: Vitamin B deficiency and tapeworm infection.

• Fear of or phobia can also directly result into an attack.

• Traumatic life experience such as the loss of a loved one can also trigger the disorder. Use of stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and marijuana are also major contributors.

• Passivity. Some studies have proven that silence or a passive and unassertive interaction with others plays a big role. It is the suppressed feeling that can cause emotional distress which in time may just drive one to explode.

• Medication side effect may also lead to an attack. One medication that is believed to cause an attack as a side effect is Ritalin.

Simple things such as screaming at the top of the lungs can be helpful to release negative energy from the body. Anxiety and stress if not deal with can lead to a panic attack and that should be taken seriously.

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Dealing With Modern-Day Epidemic

Man today is flooded with numerous worries and cares and panic attacks have earned the name of an epidemic. Tensions, pressure at work, home, society, all end up in a man sinking deeper and deeper into depression which extremely results in panic attacks. It poses a major threat to a man's mental stability. Society is greatly to be blamed for causing depression in more people than we can imagine, their condition differenting in its severity.

The root cause for these attacks is poor dietary habits, emotional disorders and stress. The modern day scenario is such that millions of people feel strained which results in the attacks eventually. The treatment that medicines offers are limited since they are strictly suppress anxiety, not cure it. Medicines provide temporary relief only and the complete cure is out of their boundary. All said and done, medicines are a possibility in lessening the suffering. Often people can not afford medicines or the help rendered by medical professionals.

The treatment which gives long term remedy is the best and it provides the patient with quick solution. Natural treatment is an effective way to overcome panic attacks and is comparatively safe.

Green vegetables and fruits are rich source of alkaline minerals that keep your nervous system in top condition.

Drink plenty of water as anxiety strikes a dehydrated body fast. Drink a gallon of water per day, if not more.

Practice yoga, tai chi, meditation and regular physical exercises to maintain healthy nervous system.

Activity consisting of walking, jogging etc is a must. This helps to keep your nerves in good condition.

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Precautions While Treating Panic Attacks

The imbalance of neurotransmitters leads to disturbance of chemicals of the body that leads to mental disorders. Some patients suffer repeated attacks and become chronic as compared to people who seldom experience panic attacks. Considering the affliction in this perspective requires immediate treatment that has lasting effect. Certain precautionary measures can be taken so that the severity and frequency of the attacks are minimized. To learn about these methods of preventing your attacks, read through the article and decide upon a suitable strategy.

Medicines that cure panic attacks should be administered with care because they have a number of side effects which are detrimental to health. Beside, all such drugs are addictive in nature. The anti depressant used may in fact make the condition of the patient worse. Refrain from taking these medicines without authentic prescription of a medical professional. Tranquilizers are misnomers and have dangerous side effects.

Utilization of Cognitive Therapy requires close oversight of a coach. The coach can advise on how much to exercise, when and what medicines should supplement the counseling sessions. All this bought to be done in close consultation with a doctor so as to deter any side effects from striking.

Breathing right is fundamental to treat panic attacks. Making use of paper bags for re-breathing exercises is an ideal way to treat your attacks if carried on under supervision of a trained guide. In case it is not performed in the right way, it may do more damage than good as the level of carbon dioxide may increase in the body.

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Practical Guide to Stop Panic Attacks

It is difficult for a person suffering from attacks of panic to lead a normal healthy life. It is indeed a very distasteful experience and makes the smallest task at hand seem like a major threatening issue. Every day jobs like shopping or socializing with friends is made to appear complicated and frightening. Patients of panic attack are at a loss to understand what can be done to decrease their sight. The available solution to their woes is reasonably easy to find.

Often people try to avoid the issue of panic attacks. They generally keep the triggers at bay; the circumstances that start off the attack. Avoiding is not a cure. A patientought to look for long term healing. Closing your eyes to shut out a horrific scene does not make it less horrendous or go away. It will be wiser to face the problem head on and seek appropriate treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or simply CBT is a unique way to get rid of your attacks. It has been widely used by psychoanalysts since a long time to reduce the suffering of patients of panic attack. It involves coming to terms with the triggers that caused the attack. It helps them to determine the exact way to handle panic attacks by gradual progress. For instance, if a patient is afraid of crowds of people, he is encouraged to interact with smaller gatherings and slowly made acquainted with larger groups. This brings about slow transition that a patient at ease with. The only disadvantage that this therapy has is that it is a long drawn process and the patient becomes irritated.

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Cure Panic Attacks With a Smile!

A smile may be just a curve of your mouth, but it has a tremendous impact on your mental health. It helps you to fight panic attacks. The popular adage says, “Laugh and the world laughs with you”. Far from laughing, we have forgone smiling even. The placard that we use to brighten the walls of the house, announce “It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile” and notice the many faces around us with pleasant smiles. These smiling faces are of those who are less susceptible to panic attacks or even anxiety.

To top it all, we lives which are filled with tensions. We are always in a hurry and forget to smile. Instead, we turn to psychiatrists for help and fail to analyze exactly what broought about the anxiety. The fundamental reason for the tense atmosphere around, is that we take life too seriously, stop looking at the brighter side of things and make no effort to smile and relax. This results in our being under stress, worrying about things which might not really exist. A person who can not smile will find it difficult to get over panic attacks.

Science asserts that we can not smile when we are depressed. A neurotransmitter called serotonin is discharged when we smile. A lack of serotonin results in depression in the long run and therefore a depressed person is unable to smile. Depression leads to anxiety and ends in panic attack. People are willing to shell out pots of money, run after professional doctors and resort to all types of treatments. They could have accomplished the same results without wasting their resources had they but smiled.

Not much reason is offered to us in today's scenario. Yet, you could do well to view yourself in the looking glass and put on a cheery smile to blow away your blues.

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Naturally End Panic Attacks

Are you one of the many persons affected by panic disorders and panic attacks? If you are, you are probably struggling in a life dominated by fear. You probably dread your next attack as you do not know when it will occur. You probably spend most of your time at home because you do not want to run the chances of experiencing an attack away from the safety of your house.

If everything I said applies to you, then you must be sick and tired of looking for remedies. You are willing to try anything in order to cure panic attacks and you spend lots of money on different products. None of them worked, I assum.

You are still fighting with the exhausting physical symptoms of these attacks such as palpitations, impossibility of breathing normally, nausea, hot flashes or cold chills. Getting rid of them is not so hard after all, if you just follow some simple advices.

The strong symptoms associated with panic attacks interrupt the normal life of the sufferer and keeps him from doing his normal activities. Sometimes the symptoms are so bad the sufferer can not even describe them afterwards. Panic attacks can be confused with heart attacks, especially the first time they are experienced.

Important information when searching an adequate treatment is the fact that these attacks happen because of some studied attitudes we have. In certain circumstances, we have certain reactions. This being the case, we should find out how to change these taught attitudes. No pill or drug is going to do that for us. We have to realize what situations determine which attitudes and how to replace them in order to live a panic free life.

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Discovering Effective and Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Unbelievable but true, panic attacks originate from our weakened nervous system. External stimulators are not the root cause.

What begins panic are many, varying from participation in a social gathering, delivering speeches in public, business meetings, a date, sound of dogs barking or a journey in an aircraft can set off an attack due to the signals of alarm sent by our brain . Our defense mechanism starts ticking as soon as it perceives some hazardous situation. We have to work out a suitable strategy in order to fight panic attacks efficiently. There are numerous forms of treatments for panic attacks. We must opt ​​for a method which has a lasting effect, is natural and affordable and a quick healer.

Some dietary provisions need to be followed that will help us in our fight against these attacks:

• Drink a lot of water – about half of our body weight per ounce per day is ideal.
• Include proteins in our diet which are body builders.
• Concentrate on having fruits and vegetables which will provide the essential minerals and vitamins.
• Do away with coffee, alcohol, fast food, refined flour and sugar that inflame our nerves.

Other measures include:

• Exercising regularly. Walking, jogging, playing golf, swimming, hiking are some excellent ideas to keep your mind and body healthy.
• Take hot / cold showers alternately to get the tingling sensation of nerves.
• Massage your feet yourself. This has a soothing effect.
• Breathe deeply.
• Yoga and tai chi are good methods to relax and calm down the irritated nerves.

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Getting Rid of Night Time Panic Attack

The attacks of panic that one sufferers at night are one of the most terrifying of its kind. Therapies that offer a sure cure should be fully researched so that the threat is kept at its bare minimum. Panic attacks afflict more than six million people in United States alone. Fortunately, these attacks are perfectly curable.

Personal experience has taught me that it was next to impossible to comprehend what made us suffer panic attacks at night. The only thing that I was sure of was that the spells of the attack were horrible time to go through and wished fervently for them to evaporate quickly. Those were indeed bad years for me when I silently suffered. If you feel yourself to be in my shoes, read on and discover how I overcame night time attacks.

For many years I went through the harrowing time before ever discovering some natural therapies that were wonderful. Panic attack at night is akin to anxiety attacks at any other time. The same remedies work for both but which induction sleep are specifically bought after in dealing with night time attacks.

• Change your taste from taking coffee to green tea as a beverage.
• Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to get the much needed vitamins and minerals.
• Have at least 100 grams of protein every day to maintain a healthy nervous system.
• Discuss your problems with a friend or relative.
• Begin a walking time of 30-45 minutes, 3-4 times a week.
• Take a mild sedative if you need it.

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Hazards of Panic Attacks While Driving

The most dangerous time that panic attack can strike at is while you are driving. This may have occurred to you at some point of time or the other. We drive or are driven to keep pace with the speed of modern times. While on the road, there are a whole lot of things that can go wrong and if you are already to panic attacks, it makes matters worse. We lose control over the vehicle and ourselves once we start driving. This makes us even more vulnerable to the attacks while we drive.

Behind the wheel, you may be anxious about waiting for the traffic lights to change. It may be sounding quite odd to lucky persons who have never experienced an attack but is quite fathomable for victims of the ailment. A simple red light may turn out to be a large problem. As you panic while driving, you will halt the car, inciting other vehicular drivers to shout at you for obstruction their passage. This further makes you tense. By and by, a petty feeling of anxiety, waiting for traffic lights, turns into a full-fledged panic attack. The patient becomes scared of being hit by sudden attack.

The underlying fact of these attacks is that they can be stopped with well established techniques. You may be cured of your ailment and begin to enjoy a tension free life once again. There is no need to shy away from society making others believe that you are either too busy or sick to meet and greet them.

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