Realize What The Attack Is

If you do not know you have been suffering panic attacks it will be difficult to treat them. This is the first step in overcoming panic attacks. Recognize them for what they are.

Identify The Symptoms

Once you know the symptoms of an attack, you can attempt to lesson the anxiety. There are certain feelings that occur, such as in the pit of the stomach. Feeling the butterflies is common and can be used as a warning. You can then take steps to calm down. Deep breathing and focusing on something else can help in overcoming panic attacks.

Reduce Caffeine

If you consume more than three cups of coffee or other caffeine foods, it would be a good idea to reduce these. Having nervous energy from other sources does not help the situation at all. In fact, it may even cause more anxiety and lead to another attack.

Use Positive Imagery

If you are busy about a job interview or an event that will have a large crowd, picture in your mind a pleasant exit. By using imagery in this way, you are setting the stage for a pleasant experience. This has been used in overcoming panic attacks.

Try Meditation

Some find this silly, but meditation has been shown to help in overcoming panic attacks. Those who meditate on a regular basis are naturally calm and have feeling of serenity through the day.

Consider Therapy

If your panic disorder is so severe that you are on the verge of becoming phobic about leaving your home, seek a psychologist if at all possible. A trained professional can help you get to the root cause of the problems, and your anxieties will be taken seriously.

One method a therapist may use in overcoming panic attacks is to show you how to meet your fears head on. Expose yourself gradually to the source of panic and gradually reduce your attacks until they simple vanish.

By exposing yourself to the source of your panic in a controlled setting you can feel at ease knowing that there is a professional helping you all the way. Some therapists will try hypnotism to dig deep into the cause, and can even help in this way as well, by giving you positive affirmations.

You are not alone. There are more people who suffer from panic attacks than you may realize. It is embarrassing for some to talk about. But you can free yourself. It will take some time, but remember, one step at a time.