You can suffer from panic attacks at any moment. They come without any warning and often make you helpless against them. The attacks are very scary for people who suffer from them, both someone who has it for the first time and one who has had repeated attacks. But if you know how to counter the attacks, you can lead life better than before.

The first step towards overcoming panic attacks is to know and understand the symptoms that cause them. Different symptoms can be expressed by different people suffering the attacks. Most of these are:

– Hyperventilation or breathlessness
– Nausea or dizziness
– Chest pain
– Trembling or shaking
– Hot or cold flashes
– Sweating
– Choking or smothering sensations, etc.

Knowing and understanding the causes of panic attacks help you to take preventative measures against them. When you are in the middle of an attack, follow the next steps to overcome the attack.

1. The most important step is to acknowledge your fear of the attack itself and then to get rid of this fear. This fear of anxiety attacks is the trigger for more attacks in most cases. It is a vicious loop of 'cause and effect' where one feeds the other. The more afraid you are of the attack, the more likely the attack is going to happen. Thus, it is necessary to break this circle.
2. You need to convince yourself that the attack is only a panic attack and is not something life threatening like a heart attack. Once you believe in your mind that it is not serious, you can take further steps to calm yourself.
3. Meditating and other breathing exercises help you to handle the attack. They also prevent you from hyperventilating and passing out from lack of air. If breathing exercises are too much for you, keep a paper bag handy and breathe into that until your breathlessness has passed.
4. If you remain upset even after the attack has passed, you face the risk of having renewed attacks. Being nervous will not help you in overcoming panic attacks.

Panic attacks are always triggered by some causes. You need to investigate these reasons and take appropriate steps to prevent them from acting as triggers again. Professional therapists can help you in finding out the triggers of your attacks. Whatever the reason, there is always a cure for it. You can overcome your panic attacks by just keeping yourself informed about the causes and the necessary steps to take to prevent them from coming again.