If you suffer from anxiety panic attack you probably have surprised if there is something seriously wrong with your brain. To answer the question, “Are panic attacks symptom of brain disorder?”, We need to first understand what exactly an anxiety attack is, what causes it, and how it can lead to a disorder. Once we have an understanding of what anxiety panic attack is, we can then discuss how to cure it.

What Happens During an Anxiety Attack?

Medical studies suggest that during an attack, the sufferer's brain activity focus more on mid section (Parietal Lobe) of the brain rather than the front section (Frontal Lobe). This is important because the Frontal Lobe is responsible for decision making and rationalization where as the Parietal Lobe deals with instinct and survival – or so called 'fight or flight' mechanisms. It then stands to reason rational thought is no longer in the equation, a fear that might normally be easily shrought off, can quickly escalate into a seemingly life threatening experience.

So Are Panic Attacks Symptom of Brain Disorder ?

The anxiety attack itself is not a 'disorder'. As just described, it is simply part of the body's natural defenses – there's nothing physically wrong. It does, however, become a disorder when a person gets caught in a cycle of anxiety. This can happen when a person has an attack and they remember the terror that it caused them – in their recollection the experience might seem even worse than it actually was. Now they are not only afraid of whatever caused the panic the first time, but they are also afraid of having another anxiety panic attack. It's like a snowball rolling down a mountain – it just keeps grow and building speed.

Overcoming Panic Attack Disorder

While it may be a relief that your brain is not defective, the terrorism of anxiety attacks is still very real. There are, of course, medications available to ease the suffering caused by anxiety, but these are not always without side effect. On the natural side of things, techniques such as deep breathing and visualization can help you relax.