Do you know anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks? Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience when I say “anxiety” can be crippling. I had my first panic attack almost four years ago. Up until then I had no idea how much the human mind could take over. While I had heard about panic attacks symptoms and panic attacks treatment, I never really believed that a person could not control what they were thinking. After all who would believe that our subconscious could be such a dark and powerful entity.

Then “Pow” anxiety hit me right between the eyes. It felt like it came out of nowhere. After a visit to the emergency room taking all kinds of tests, and hooked up like an octopus to an EKG monitor, I left with my head down and my spirit broken. The dizziness, tingling, blurry vision, racing heart and heavy chest, and everything else I felt turned out to be nothing more than panic symptoms.

Several days later I went and spoke with my therapist. She is a grief counselor and she said I was suffering from post traumatic stress along with a few other types of anxiety, which is what caused the anxiety attacks symptoms. My trauma was brought on by the unforeseen death of my beautiful mother. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and four months later she lost her battle. That had to be the darkest day of my life.

I was her caregiver. Intellectually I knew there was nothing I could have done but love and take care of her. However, the mind has a way of setting the devil on your shoulder who constantly asks me if there was something I missed that could have saved her life. Long story short I was left wounded, grieving, and filled with anxiety. The real irony is despite most people who suffer from panic attacks do not know how to control their thoughts, these same individuals are who we commonly call “control freaks”. Go figure.

Like many long time sufferers of these out of now attacks and emergency room visits, I unfortunately needed an anxiety cure. I tried medication, several anxiety treatments, breathing exercises, and everything else I could think of short of an exorcism. Nothing seemed to work long term. Then one night something happened that changed my life and gave me back my sense of normalcy. It was quite by accident. I came across a system called Panic Away. I was searching Google for panic attack treatment and there it was. I never hesitated. I quickly signed up and have been using it successfully ever since.

The one move technique is different from anything else you will ever see. Laughably, one of the number one causes of panic attacks is the fear of having another panic attack. However, Panic Away arms you with all the tools, and information you need to stop a panic attack in its tracks. Do not get talked up on who, where, or what bought the attack on. It does not matter. Let that be one less thing to worry about.

Panic Away is the most natural weapon used to outsmart panic attacks. There are no harmful drugs, or long term therapies. You can do it anywhere at anytime. Even while driving. I have not been back to the emergency room since I learned the one move technique. If sharing my story can convince at least one person to give it a try, I know they will not only have great success, they will help me help somebody else.