Panic attacks are often unpredictable and can be a scary experience. Many people who experienced panic attacks had thoughts that they were about to die or that they are experiencing a heart attack. It can stem from deeply ingrained problems that had long stayed in us emotionally and mentally that, when our body system could not control it anymore, it break loose and causes the attack that made us confused about what is happening to us.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing, paper bag re-breathing and count breathing are natural treatment to cure panic attacks and anxiety. These methods are not new and are often recommended by therapists. You can try these techniques at home or whenever you feel that you are experiencing an attack. It slows down your breathing by reducing the intake of oxygen and lengthens your exhalation, which gives a calming effect.


Aromatherapy is the use of scents to help soothes the nerves. When we are stress, our nerves gets affected and makes us feet uneasy and restless. Scents can control and calm the nerves for us. Aromatherapy is a widely used method for relaxation.

Daily exercise

Exercises makes our body release a type of chemical that helps release stress and tension away from our body. When we exercise often, our body will produce more of the chemicals keeping us balance and not easily affected by stress that can leas us to having panic attacks. Beside that, exercises can benefit us in many ways and the most important one would be keeping us strong, healthy and reduce the risk of falling ill.

Eating the right food

Food can affect our nerves too. Hot food can cause our heart beats faster, increasing the adrenaline and gives us a sense of rush. Too much of food that has such effect increases stress to our nervous system and overtime, weakens our immune system and make us easily break into panic attacks. It can be unbelievable but you will understand from why yogurt is recommended as a drink to complement spicy dishes.

Reduce stress and change lifestyle

If your lifestyle currently gives you a lot of stress, it is time to think about alternative and changes so that you will reduce your stress level. Too much stress that gets collected in us will ever break us mentally, physically and emotionally. When we lose control, it is easy for us to experience panic attacks and anxiety. Remember that your well-being and quality of life is important. Take rests when you need and go on your own pace.

Here you have some tips and techniques in natural cures for panic attacks that you can try at home. Natural cures and alternative therapy is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of treatment as it can help cure anxiety and panic attacks in a safe and effective manner that many have benefited from.