People usually develop some sort of psychotic disorder after experiencing life trauma. It complicates the matter when your past is difficult to forget and forgive. Overloaded with your past, it makes you hard to heal from inside out. That is why emotional conflicts relapse easily when there is a trigger point.

I have two clients, who experienced anxiety and depression. They both exhibited the intent of committing suicide, as they told me. One (Client A) has a job, and another (Client B) is out of the job market for a long time. She even could not drive because of the ailment. The former was taking medication when we first met; the latter stopped her medication because she could not afford a good one.

The use of aromatherapy wave promoting results to the healing of anxiety and depression. I made an inhaler to each of them. The formula that I gave them is as follows:

5 drops of Frankincense ( Boswellia carterii)

3 drops of Orange ( Citrus sinensis)

2 drops of Roman Chamomile ( Chamaemelum nobile)

Renowned for its healing properties, Frankincense is good for calming the emotions, and our mind. Since it supports the healing of all emotional levels, it is inevitable that anxiety and depression can be relieved to a certain extent. It can also help that person stay focused. Together with the essential oil of Orange, the soothing and calming properties of the combination relieve the symptoms and elevate the spirits. Also, this combination promotes the flow of internal energy. With Roman Chamomile added, the calming and soothing effect is enhanced.

For Client A, after inhaling the aroma for two weeks, she could stop the medications. She became more positive, and optimistic. Two weeks later, she got rid of her ailment. She no longer experienced any relapse even after discontinuing aromatherapy.

For Client B, she has had anxiety and depression for more than 10 years. The inhaler calmed and cleared her mind. She could express herself more clearly. She could also stay focused for a longer time. After two weeks of use, she could stay focused, and lived like a normal person. Since this is a chronic ailment, it does take some time for her to recover completely.

When dealing people with psychotic symptoms, some aromatherapists prefer to release their deep rooted hidden emotions first. My concern is that the triggering of the past emotions could further complicate the healing process as the outbursts could be out of control and make it hard for them to handle. I took a softer approach – to alleviate the hidden emotions of the past, be it hatred or sadness. One hour before they sleep, I asked them to inhale the following aroma in an inhaler:

5 drops of Cedarwood ( Juniperus virginiana)

3 drops of Melissa ( Melissa officinalis)

2 drops of Jasmine Absolute ( Jasminum grandiflorum)

The grounding Cedarwood can instill our confidence in facing tough situation and our past. Melissa can comfort our heart, calm and sooth our agitated emotions. Most importantly, it can help us sleep better – so that we can heal quicker. Like Melissa, Jasmine Absolute can comfort our heart and relieve suppressed and inhibited emotions.

Client C was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Her condition was under control, but is still taking some mood enhancers. She visits a psychiatrist once every few months for follow-up. Her main concern was that she had flash back from her past, which made her difficult to forgive and forget what had happened. She even wanted to take revenge for the bad things in her life. To resolve this issue, I advised her to use the above-mentioned formulation. After using it, she had some vivid dreams, but those were light ones. When she woke up, she felt that she was still in a light and happy mood. Her day went well with her taking the mood enhancers. Her flashback with her past started to subside, and she was taking a more positive approach to life. At least, she does not live a double – character life.

The continuous use not only can make one's sleep sound, but also can also sooth our heart so that we can absorb our past, and release it in a constructive way.

“Scents touch our heart;

Scents heal our past ”

The cases above demonstrate the effectiveness of aromatherapy in treating psychotic ailments like anxiety and depression. To calm and heighten their mood, while at the same time helping them to release and absorb their past trauma in a constructive way. There are more to discover and explore in these aspects. My sample size is not large enough to make any comprehensive observations, but these case studies serve as an insightful and explorative information.