A panic attack can be effectively cured if one is able to identify the trigger. What can cause a panic attack is a question that is debatable. People of any age including small children can get a panic disorder. The basic symptoms are breathlessness, a choking sensation, confusing thoughts and the feeling of being lost. Sometimes when a person is already into addictions, the panic attacks can be severe and because it is required to go much more beyond self help and seek a proper medical treatment. Chronic worry can cause a person to constantly change decisions and also create negative patterns in the mind. Expecting the worst is another pessimistic attitude which can be changed with behavior therapy.

The panic attack can also be the result of hyperventilating or not able to understand a situation properly. Anxiety also curbs the appetite and it can alsoplete a person's ability to take decisions. Triggers can also be caused owing to addictions and hence worrying habit has to cease. All problems have solutions and may sometimes take time to resolve. It is good to know that medical help is certainly available to people suffering from this disorder.

During the panic attack the person may feel the need to talk but there could be no words coming out of the mouth. Excessive dryness of the mouth and confusion is present and this hampers the decision making process. Some people also face the problem of excessive sweating and also pain in the chest. Phobias can also cause these attacks. This can be fear of crow and heights too. Children can have a traumatic experience when they have the problem of panic situation arising intermittently. This can cause havoc in the lives of their parents too. There are several self help notes available but consulting a good doctor is desirable.

Causes of a panic attack can be:

1. Chemical changes in the body.
2. Hormonal disorders.
3. Fear of certain things or phobias.
4. An untreated psychological problem.
5. Emotional issues and stress.

A panic attack can be cured. The studies reveal that many people find it difficult to relax. Stress builds up and the repercussions can be felt in a noticeable way. The best way to stay out of anxiety is to find some time for oneself. Breathing exercises work wonders. There are a lot of relaxation techniques in yoga or tai chi. An expert will get you the best benefits. For people who have a chronic worry syndrome, it is best to seek help in a positive way. Excessive indulgences must also be avoided. It is best to understand that the best way to relax is without these drugs and alcohol. It is good to have the wealth of friends and a recreational facility. Trying new hobbies will also work well.

Before one knows that you are going to get a panic attack, you can be prepared. That's what exactly self help is about. A therapist will show you how to make those changes and stay prepared. A panic syndrome is completely reversible. There is no need to be conscious of the fact as awareness of this disorder is present. People are ready to accommodate others with a panic problem and since it is desirable that one changes the perspective. Usually people with this syndrome want to avoid the problem but prolonging the issue will create more complications.

Changing the fear complex or cultivating distractions is one unique way one can find more solutions to a panic attack. Gaining control is desired and that is what a therapist works on for a few weeks. If there are other health issues then those must be taken care off too. Other ways to combat stress and proper diet therapy also works wonderfully. Going more out often to get sunshine, staying organized and believing in you is the key to success. Some people also face heart pressure or palpitations akin to a heart attack. Here all kinds of medical problems must be ruled out before taking help. Getting drug free must be the aim though a few medicines will be prescribed to stabilize the recovery process.