For individuals suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, your main goal is trying to figure out how to stop these attacks. For people who have never experienced this pain, it is hard to understand what the unfortunate sufferer goes through on a daily basis.

Although it is unknown what the exact causes of these attacks are, some medical professionals have said that it may be related to genetics because it seems to run in families. Women are twice as likely to suffer from panic disorders than men, and children are even susceptible to panic attacks. Although there is not a simple test to diagnose pandemic and anxiety attacks, usually the description of symptoms is quite clear to experienced medical professionals, and they will do a battery of physical tests to eliminate the possibility of any medical problem prior to diagnosis.

Panic attacks revolve around fear and anxiety, and some individuals wind up having these attacks simply being afraid of their next attack. It is like a never ending cycle that sufferers struggle to break from. Because attacks are unpredictable and can strike at any time without warning, those who wish to stop panic attacks will try many options to see what works for them. Luckily, there are several different treatments which help sufferers find relief.

Many patients are extremely responsive to therapy. Because panic attacks are often initiated by a stressful experience, a trained therapist can help a client get over some of the stress and anxiety they are feeling. Other patients prefer medication to assist them to stop panic or anxiety attacks. There are a number

of medications out there now as opposed to even a decade or two ago where the pharmaceutical market only had one or two options. Some patients who choose to take medication go through a number of different medications before finding the one that makes them feel better.

Some patients work best with a combination of both kinds of treatment, therapy and medication. Whatever a patient chooses, diagnosis and treatment is different in every case, and it is important to get the help of a qualified medical professional to stop panic attacks.