There is really no way explain just what a panic attack feels like. But one thing is for sure. Having one attack makes you desperate to avoid having another attack.

Desperate to the point that you would gladly skip out on shopping trips or concerts, if they have places that you have had an attack before.

Your life becomes governed by these attacks and the possibility of having them again.

One can not help but wonder, will life ever be the same again?

These attacks are a tricky thing. They can be caused by a variety of things and they can affect you almost without warning. During an attack, your mind is sending out a signal of panic. What causes the panic reaction is not always know, so dealing with it will take some time.

But there is good news.

There are ways to stop these attacks – fast. Almost instantly in fact. Best of all, you can find fast relief without anyone ever knowing that you are having an attack.

So what is the fastest way to stop panic attacks in public?

Start by carrying these two things with you at all times: Lavender lotion and Tissues. I would recommend buying a pack of travel tissues and the smallest bottle of lavender lotion you can find. This way both can easily be tucked away in your pocket and no one will notice.

When you find yourself having an attack, simply put a few drops of the lotion onto a tissue, and put the tissue up to your nose. Breathing in the lavender scent will automatically relax you. Within a few minutes, your brain's 'panic' signal will go away and the attack will stop.

This is just one of many ways for relief.