When it comes to the occurrence of panic attacks there are so many reasons that can be given, varying from one individual to the next. No one (sometimes not even the afflicted themselves) knows what is really the reason as to why these instances occurs. Bouts of elevated anxiety and fear can just come and go for no particular reason. For people wanting to achieve long term or maybe even permanent relief from anxiety attacks, getting to the bottom of the problem will be the first step to recovery.

In this regard, it would appear that identifying your panic attacks cause play a greater role than you might think. So how will you be able to identify your exact culprit then? There are a lot of things that you can actually consider your basis when determining the cause of your problem. Just to give you an idea here are a few factors that you will be able to figure out on your own:

Stress: Always facing deadlines at the office or maybe facing heavy and ongoing maritime problems at home? Today, stress is considered among the top factors when it comes to causing anxiety attacks in individuals. Too much stress can create high levels of anxiety that can trigger the onset of symptoms.

Genetics: Genetics has also been considered to be one of the panic causing factors. If you suspect or are experiencing panic attacks try asking close relatives or your parents if they know of any member of the family that has been affected by the same condition.

Traumatic experiences: Another cause of panic attacks is previous traumatizing experiences. Individuals affected by this cause usually experience panic attacks when they encounter situations / places that reminds them of their past. It may be because of an accident, abuse or death in the family, once the event has been ingrained deeply enough, everything; including certain smells, the location, settings, and everything else will be registered and can cause panic attacks when the individuals sees any resemblance or connection with the past experience.

Withdrawal of habits or substances: Withdrawal of habits or substances can also be another cause for anxiety attacks as conscious control over oneself can create more long for whatever habit or substance the individual is trying to break away from. This in turn can create heightened anxiety which in the long run can also cause the onset of symptoms and indeed panic.

Identifying your panic attacks cause will help you in looking for the right person to see or treat treatment to use. This will also help you to get to the deficit realization of your problem which in turn can make it easier for you to get over attacks as they come your way.