If you've been struggling for a long time to find a way to stop panic attacks the answer could be as simple as avoiding certain things in your diet. Although this may seem too simplistic, many people have found this very helpful.

Firstly you must avoid all forms of caffeine as this is known to increase anxiety levels in people. Caffeine can also cause restlessness, depression, nausea, and dizziness, and because it is a stimulant it can lead to insomnia. Irregular sleep patterns will only cause you more stress and a good night's sleep is critical.

When we think of caffeine we tend to think of coffee, but it is present in many other things including some teas, hot chocolate, colas, energy drinks, and chewing gum. Herbal and fruit teas are fine and contain no caffeine. Many over the counter medicines contain caffeine, especially cold and flu remedies. When you are buying any medication always make sure you read what it contains very carefully.

Another thing to avoid in an effort to stop panic attacks is alcohol. It's easy to believe that a few drinks will bring you a welcome relief from your anxiety but the truth is the alcohol you consume will probably only leave you with a hangover and even more anxiety than you started with. And because alcohol is not a stimulant you may be left with a feeling of depression after drinking. This can cause dizziness and headaches plus an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. These things can be a trigger for anxiety attacks.

Obviously it's not easy finding ways to stop panic attacks, but try using these tips which others have found to be very useful and see if they work for you.