There's a great deal of interest in how to stop panic attacks and anxiety without medication nowdays. In the main, sufferers just do not want to be dependent on mind-numbing drugs such as antidepressants and tranquilizers for long periods of their lives. They would much prefer to handle things totally naturally. Here you'll learn of one such natural approach to eliminating your anxiety and panic attacks …


When considering how to stop panic attacks and anxiety without medication, there are some important things you should bear in mind …

(1). The first thing is that we are not dealing with a mental condition, rather we're dealing with a behavioral one. You are not going mad. And, because it's behavioral, it can be corrected with the proper guidance and information.

(2). Another consideration is that an attack can not cause you any harm, you are perfectly safe. You may feel as though you are about to, but you will not die. Your body is quite capable of handling the terrifying symptoms of an attack. In fact, it's your body's fight or flight response that triggers your attacks in the first place!

(3). Although you may think you lack courage, you certainly do not. Remember that, on a daily basis, you face a range of challenges that the average person very rarely has to.

(4). Because of point (1) above, you do not have to worry about being stuck with your anxiety problem for the rest of your life. It can be cured, with the correct approach.

These are very important points to understand because they are all positive ones and so form a solid starting point for your cure.


You have no doubt visited your doctor and been diagnosed with general anxiety and panic attacks. And, as in most cases, you've been prescribed drugs, usually antidepressants, tranquilizers and even beta blockers. You may also have been referred to a therapist.

The problem here is that none of these address a fundamental aspect of your ongoing problem, and that is that they do not address your fear of having another panic attack.


You see, your unconscious or conscious fear of your next attack can actually trigger such an attack. But where does this fear come from? It's so simple really. The experience of your first attack was so terrifying that you live (consciously or subconsciously) in dread of another. This is understandable. The problem is that as long as this persists it only adds to your already high anxiety levels.

So the key is to break out of this cycle of anxiety by getting rid of your fear of another panic attack. If you can do this then you are able to address your under general general anxiety much more effectively and so eliminate it. But if mainstream treatment can not do this effectively what other options are there?


One serious option is to get rid of your fear of panic attacks by taking a counter-intuitive approach. By that I mean, instead of running away or hiding from your next panic attack, ie never putting yourself in a position where one might occur, you actually tackle your fear head-on. For example, try to make yourself have an attack right this second. I know that, try as hard as you might, you can not. You've faced up to it. You met the challenge head on.

And so the next time you feel an attack about to come on, recognize it for what it is. You now know what causes it. Know that it can not harm you and will end shortly. Even repeat to yourself that you know what it is and that you are not in danger. And focus outwards on things around you, not inwards on your symptoms. I've actually, in my head, told an attack when it began to 'do its worst.' In other words meet the attack head on and wrestle back control.

There is no doubt that you can eliminate panic attacks and anxiety using totally natural techniques. And by now understanding that these attacks can not cause harm and that your fear of them is what is actually holding you back, you are better positioned to go on and get your freedom back. So, no more fear of going out because of the fear of an attack, no more putting off holiday plans or business travel, no more fear of getting stuck in traffic or on trains, etc., and no more living a very trapped existence