Being grateful is an excellent tool in various areas of our lives in which we are struggling and can also be used as a way to get rid of panic and anxiety that you may experience on a daily basis and only dream of what being free from this debilitating condition would be like. This article discusses how to overcome panic and anxiety attacks through gratitude once and for all and live victoriously which will be great for your confidence and self esteem.

Being angry makes you feel cut off and removed from the world and other people and being unable to enjoy life and its fullness. You may feel hospitalized by panic and anxiety and you feel hopeless and unable to function on a daily basis.

It does help to know that this condition is common and that you are not alone. Anxiety or panic is defined as being in a state of deep apprehension or fear that results when a sufferer anticipates an imagined or real threat, situation or fear.

It is common for everyone to experience a level of apprehension or fear in various situations, however panic and anxiety sufferers are usually unable to move past the panic or anxiety and are crippled by the fear and apprehension which leads them to flee the stressful situation that causes the anxious thoughts.

Anxiety has a powerful effect on the mind and body and being in a high state of anxiety and panic will usually cause various bodily sensations such as sweating, heart palpitations, etc.

Panic and anxiety can feel like a heavy fog that surrounds you constantly, cutting you off from the world and steals the joy from your life. You simply look at the world through a series of anxious feelings and thoughts.

With this state of affairs, how can you possibly get the most out of life and be a fully functioning member of society? It is impossible. But as I mentioned, it is important to know that you are not alone and also that you will not die. There have been no reported cases of deaths that are due to panic or anxiety attacks.


When you experience anxious thoughts, it is important to move the focus of your thoughts from your head to your heart.

Deliberately moving your focus from your head to your heart will cause your anxiety to decrease and for your mind to clear. What you focus on, you become. If you are focused on the anxiety, you will become more and more anxious. By turning your focus away, you are reducing the power of the anxiety and panic attack over you.

When you feel anxiety overwhelming you;

1. Close your eyes and deliberately focus on your heart.

2. Use you imagination to feel the warmth coming from the center of your chest.

3. Find something positive in your life that you are grateful for such as your health, your children, your spouse, etc, and focus on that for a period of time. Really feel the gratitude for these things flow over you. You may even get emotional when you feel this gratitude on a deep level. Do not fight it.

4. When you are done, simply open your eyes and go back to your daily activities.

There is no time frame for this exercise but do remember to do this exercise alone and stay with it as long as you need. It is important to maintain a heart and mind connection and get your awareness away from anxious thoughts.

Simply trying to fight the thoughts will not work but will simply increase the anxious thoughts. You have to turn your focus away by focusing on something else which in this case is gratitude about something in your life.

Perform this anywhere, do it while driving (without closing your eyes though!), Do it at your desk at work, do it before you go to bed and the more that you do train your mind not to focus on anxiety .

As you get more and more comfortable with this exercise and practice it on a daily basis, you can incorporate it into a stressful situation and be positively injured when you follow through with this exercise on gratitude.

Do not give up and keep doing this because it works as various researchers have shown. Recovery is a gradual process involving consistent practice of positive behaviors. Keep your eye on the prize and see the positive changes that will manifest when you do not give up.