Panic treatment is not always the easiest thing to find, especially if you are someone who is shy and does not want to admit that you sometimes have panic attacks. Having a panic attack does not mean that there is something severely wrong with you, it just means that you may worry a little too much and in turn this causes your heart to race and your breathing to become abnormally fast.

The best way to know if you are in fact having panic attacks, is to ask your doctor. Just because you ask a doctor and they recommend medicine, does not mean that you have to get the medicine and take it.

Because you have a right to your own body, you get to decide what you would like to put in it and you can decide to not take medicine ,. of course you do it at your own discretion. Medical Panic treatments usually consist of pills and there are many medical doctors which are not trained to deal with panic attacks.

The medicine that is prescribed by a doctor can sometimes have side effects and even cause you to become addicted to it.

If you are trying for a more natural method to treat your panic attack, you will want to remember to relax.

Stress is what typically triggers an attack and it can be stress from work, home or even from everyday life. Most people will resort to a psychologist when they need to be taught how to deal with panic attacks. Along with therapy, there are also natural remedies which can be used, Lemon Balm, Lavender and Passiflora are a few herbs which can be used to help you relax.

One of the most common herbs that is used is St. John's. John's Wort. Always make sure to check up with a doctor before taking anything to make sure you are not allergic to it. To ensure your safety, you always want to read up on what you are taking before you take it, this is to ensure you will not have any allergic reactions from it.

No matter if you are taking natural herbs or if you are taking prescriptions from the doctor, you have the right to know what is going in your body and if it will harm you or not.