When you suffer with any form of panic or anxiety disorder, you need to find out how to cope with panic attacks. By finding something that works for you, and knowing you have a plan of attack to depend on when your panic flares up, you will not be living in fear all the time that an attack is about to happen, and that alone will allow you to live with a new sense of peace.

So, in order for you to know how to cope with panic attacks, you need to have a few specific techniques you can call on whenever you need them. What follows are 3 basic techniques you can start using from today onwards anytime you need them.

1: Know How To Breathe

I know, you're thinking that you already know how to breathe. But there are many slight variations on breathing, and some are better than others at stopping anxiety. The main thing to remember is to make your breathing as slow as comfortably possible when your anxiety increases. Slow breathing is calming, whereas quick breathing leads to increased panicking. So take long, slow breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Do this for as long as it takes for you to feel your anxiety decreasing.

2: Stop Bad Habits That Cause Anxiety

When you're anxious, there are certain physical habits you start performing that actually make your problems worse. It may be biting your nails, pacing, biting your lip, and so on. Over time, you've come to associate these bad habits with being worried and anxious, so when you perform these habits they actually cause panic and anxiety directly. From now on, when you're highly busy, see which bad habits you perform, and then cut them out and you'll reduce a lot of your problems.

3: Become A Negativity Detector

Did you know that more than 70% of everything you think is negative? The number is that high even for people who have no problems with panic and anxiety. The crazy thing is, most of this negative talk going on in your head goes by completely unnoticed, and that's why it's so damaging. So from now on, always be on the lookout for any negative thoughts going on inside you head, and the moment you spot one, stop it and replace it with something positive.

So that's 3 very basic tips, but if you can stick to them, you'll find that the issue of how to cope with panic attacks is largely resolved.