How long does a panic attack last? A typical one last about 10 minutes but a number of factors can stretch this into a couple of hours. To make things worse, time can pass slowly. When in a state of terror, time can pass very slowly.

The main experience of a panic attack is caused by the activation of the natural fighter flight response. This causes adrenaline rush that can only last several minutes. The adrenaline causes many of the symptoms exhibited a panic episode. Usually by 10 minutes the symptoms have peaked in participating.

How does a panic attack last? The attack may be preceded by a period of fear and anxiety. This can effect the overall length. In fact, sometimes a panic attack and appear to go for hours.

This could be caused by a series of attacks. There could be a high levels of anxiety during the whole episode. There could also be a number of limited symptom attacks in between, the larger attacks. All this combined could extend the overall time for several hours.

It is important to note that the sensations can not harm you. They are terrifying but there only feelings. You are not losing your mind, going crazy or going to die. These symptoms will go away with time. Maybe as quickly as 10 minutes or maybe as long as several hours.

While the attacks, themselves are without dangers, they can lead to serious dangers. These include isolation caused by awarding conditions related to the attack triggers. Phobias Can be brought on by the fear of having another attack. Depression can even result, naked lead to serious consequences, even death.

How long does a panic attack last? There is no clear-cut answer. No matter how awful panic attacks, it will come to an end. You will be all right. You can even reduce the frequency and duration of the attacks using simple techniques.