Herbs and other natural remedies offer a great way to treat panic attacks. Far from being harmful, the use of nature to help rid you of your malady can be beneficial and healthy. Prior to addressing your problem naturally or medically tested means, it is better to seek the advice of a qualified doctor.

Three of the most effective herbs in curing panic attacks are valerian root, lemon balm and passion flower. Try them out, see the results and begin to lead a normal life again.

• Valerian root – This is a herb which induces mild sleep. Intake of it helps to tranquilize your nerves and is a natural defense against these attacks and other nervous disorders. It does not let your mind run with disturbing thoughts which is a symptom of an attack.
• Lemon balm – Is another soothing herb, rich with aroma of lemons. It calms down your irritated nerves; helps fight sleep and digestion disorders. Anxiety and restlessness is kept under check with use of lemon balm.
• Passion flower – This is a reliable remedy for panic attacks. The night time fear that is commonly experienced by patients of these attacks. Nightmares, heavy sweating and other symptoms can be controlled by use of Passion flower. It is a herb that sets right your tumultuous endeavors to overcome anxiety, muscular tension, sleeplessness and nervousness.

A lot of time is spent on looking for the best and sure cure by patients of these attacks. However, none exist and by constant trial and error method one can determine what suits one ideally. Getting cured of the attacks once and for all is a little difficult and the best one can do is to keep panic attack from coming on.