I highly recommend this product for the following reasons listed below. I think it is the best product that I have found in my extensive research. Barry Joe McDonough not only tells you what is happening to you during a panic attack, the relationship of panic disorder to generalized Anxiety Disorder and vice versa, but he also presents a relatively easy and efficient way of overcoming the distress of panic attacks and anxiety. You can not go wrong when you use this system.

The creator of this course, Barry Joe McDonough was a former sufferer of both Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). He has directed a natural approach to end both anxiety and panic disorders. One of the main “worries” panic attack sufferers have is fear of having another one. “It only takes one panic attack to know you never want another one.” The premise of this course is that to stop panic attacks, you must break the cycle of the fear of another attack.

Some key points about panic attacks are:

Anticipation of an attack will start the wave cycle of anxiety in motion.

Foundation of a future panic attack can begin hours before you actually experience one.

A small stress trigger will then launch the full blown panic attack into motion.

The panic attack will start in approximately 20 minute wave like formations.

After you are free of panic attacks, you will have relief from the following “fears”.

Fear of leaving the house in case you might have a panic attack while you are away from your house. (This condition, if it persists is called Agarophobia and it can lead to your literal being “trapped” in your house.)

You no longer fear you may get stuck somewhere and be unable to excuse yourself. (example: you are having lunch with an important client.)

You do not have to make excuses why you can not go to a party or some other social engagement in case you might have a panic attack while at the party.

You will not have to cancel or put off holiday plans or business travel. (example: getting together with your family during holidays)

You will not be afraid of attending business meetings or situations where you are asked to speak.

You will no longer have a fear of being in a traffic gridlock or being stuck in traffic where you can not get out.

You will no longer be “stuck” in a joyless, fearful existence for fear of having a panic attack no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Would not it be nice if you could live a normal, enjoyable life, free of fear and anxiety. I would like to tell you what you will receive in this program to help you with your panic attacks. I think a review of a product should say what a person receives from the program.

So here is what you get.

An eBook in pdf format which can be printed. The first part of the eBook is an illustration of how a panic attack starts plus information about panic disorder and anxiety. The main part is devoted to the treatment called the “One Move” method.

Free coaching bonus : you get access to Barry Joe's private email

Presentations : These are one of the best parts of the course especially if you do not have time to read and / or learn more easily from a visual perspective (watching a video), you can access these online. Even if you do learn well from reading, the videos will enhance your experience. These presentations are terrific. They present videos of what a panic attack is like plus the woman in the video (a cartoon character) is shown while she is working her way way through a panic episode using the “One Move” technique. The videos supplement and complete the eBook in a very very nice way. They make the topic very real and very clear to the viewer as to what is happening and why and what you can do to stop your panic events. They are also very interesting and, if I can use the word “fun” in relation to panic attacks, fun to watch.

Membership in the forum . You can feel safe and comfortable with people going through the same experiences as you are. You can ask questions day and night if you just want to make contact with others or if you are having a bad day and need support. My experience with forums are that they are extremely useful and fun.

Two bonus records :

Emergency audio to help for an oncoming or immediate attack

Unique audio to end Driving Anxiety

100% Money Back Guarantee .

If you have panic disorder, I believe this program will solve your problem (s) and keep you free from these attacks the rest of your life. It really does work!

To your good health and freedom from panic and anxiety

Helen Nickerson, Ph.D.