Many people suffer from panic attacks (known as well by its other name anxiety attacks), which are actually episodes of overpowering fear and panic. It can make a person feel as if they are losing control of themselves. The person may feel nauseous, be extremely dizzy, may begin to breathe heavily and feel like they are going to die. Even after the attack has passed, the memory of it can haunt the sufferer. This memory can keep them from living life normally.

Why Do Panic Attacks Occur and How People Can Handle It

The reason panic attacks occurs in the first place is the body's inability to handle the everyday stress it must contend with. For that reason, people generally look at their lifestyle and the part of it that is causing them the most tension. There are so many things that a person will have to look at including but not limiting to:

– Family matters
– Money problems
– Work issues

No matter how big or small the issue, it needs to be resolved immediately so that the attacks will subside and eventually go away.

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Sleep Patterns – When you want to be free of these attacks, you should consider your sleeping patterns. Your body deals with its stress by releasing hormones such as cortisole and adrenaline to wake it up during the overnight hours. For this reason, you become exhausted and irritable in the day; it also means you're vulnerable to panic attacks. If you need a panic attack cure, get a decent night's sleep. It may be difficult to do but it's necessary.

Exercise – Another way to combat panic attacks is to get exercise. Exercising enables the body to release endorphins, which are considered happy hormones. Some effective exercise options are yoga and meditation exercises since they can help manage the everyday stress that tends to trigger the attacks. To deal with your attacks, add in some of the following exercises:

– Running (light)
– Yoga
– Deep breathing
– Meditation

This can help release the tension your body feels everyday.

Deep Breathing – It's highly important that when you're having a panic attack to breathe. Deep breathing can help you ease your body and mind. Breathing keeps your body from experiencing a full-blown attack or reduces the length of the attack. You will need to prepare your body to breathe right so that you can handle the attacks when they strike.

Diet – If you're looking for a cure for panic attack, then consider your diet. Foods that you eat will play a part on how your body handles panic attacks since they tend to alter your moods. Make sure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin B and are high in zinc, as these vitamins can make your body stronger and handle stress in a better way.

Remember that the ideal treatment for your panic attacks will consist of activities that will help you feel relaxed and calm. The best thing you can do for yourself is to positively change how you see yourself and the world. Thus, taking medications should be done only as a last resort.

Simple yet small lifestyle changes can have a tremendous impact on the treatment. For instance, people who are susceptible to these attacks should totally avoid drinking caffeine and smoking cigarettes, as these are stimulants and can cause attacks to take shape. Also, relaxation techniques can help in reducing how often the attacks occur.