Unbelievable but true, panic attacks originate from our weakened nervous system. External stimulators are not the root cause.

What begins panic are many, varying from participation in a social gathering, delivering speeches in public, business meetings, a date, sound of dogs barking or a journey in an aircraft can set off an attack due to the signals of alarm sent by our brain . Our defense mechanism starts ticking as soon as it perceives some hazardous situation. We have to work out a suitable strategy in order to fight panic attacks efficiently. There are numerous forms of treatments for panic attacks. We must opt ​​for a method which has a lasting effect, is natural and affordable and a quick healer.

Some dietary provisions need to be followed that will help us in our fight against these attacks:

• Drink a lot of water – about half of our body weight per ounce per day is ideal.
• Include proteins in our diet which are body builders.
• Concentrate on having fruits and vegetables which will provide the essential minerals and vitamins.
• Do away with coffee, alcohol, fast food, refined flour and sugar that inflame our nerves.

Other measures include:

• Exercising regularly. Walking, jogging, playing golf, swimming, hiking are some excellent ideas to keep your mind and body healthy.
• Take hot / cold showers alternately to get the tingling sensation of nerves.
• Massage your feet yourself. This has a soothing effect.
• Breathe deeply.
• Yoga and tai chi are good methods to relax and calm down the irritated nerves.