Man today is flooded with numerous worries and cares and panic attacks have earned the name of an epidemic. Tensions, pressure at work, home, society, all end up in a man sinking deeper and deeper into depression which extremely results in panic attacks. It poses a major threat to a man's mental stability. Society is greatly to be blamed for causing depression in more people than we can imagine, their condition differenting in its severity.

The root cause for these attacks is poor dietary habits, emotional disorders and stress. The modern day scenario is such that millions of people feel strained which results in the attacks eventually. The treatment that medicines offers are limited since they are strictly suppress anxiety, not cure it. Medicines provide temporary relief only and the complete cure is out of their boundary. All said and done, medicines are a possibility in lessening the suffering. Often people can not afford medicines or the help rendered by medical professionals.

The treatment which gives long term remedy is the best and it provides the patient with quick solution. Natural treatment is an effective way to overcome panic attacks and is comparatively safe.

Green vegetables and fruits are rich source of alkaline minerals that keep your nervous system in top condition.

Drink plenty of water as anxiety strikes a dehydrated body fast. Drink a gallon of water per day, if not more.

Practice yoga, tai chi, meditation and regular physical exercises to maintain healthy nervous system.

Activity consisting of walking, jogging etc is a must. This helps to keep your nerves in good condition.