There is a very close relationship between a panic attack and the way you transpire. For those who have never experienced panic attack, it is difficult to visualize how a simple thing like breathing is important to calm down the nerves. For those who have encountered an attack, the truth of the matter will easily be comprehended.

Experience has taught me that for the person undergoing a panic attack, the time feels awful, a suffocating time where the patient feels deeply hit by an oxygen crunch. He gasps for air and goes through the most tumultuous time – ever. Perhaps you will understand and perhaps you will not. In either case, remember, a panicky patient goes through living hell.

The suffocation would take hold of me anywhere – be it at work, during traveling or at a party, I continued to suffer from a chocked sensation till I began to try out a few natural therapies which actually worked; some being:

• Decrease intake of coffee and change to tea drinking. Coffee is rich in caffeine, an anti-oxidant.
• Dilute alcohol with water and gradually taper off the alcohol quantity and finally give up alcohol altogether.
• Start a routine of walking at least three days in a week, each session lasting for half an hour. This keeps the body and mind feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
• Make a friend your confidante. Confiding in another person lets you give vent to some of your troubling thoughts.
• Make your daily diet rich in vegetables and fruits.
• Have at least hundred grams of proteins per day which acts as fuels of the body.