ADHD is a chronic and lifelong health situation that requires sustainable, effective and safe management, otherwise this ailment would lead to learning and development disabilities, serious behavioral problems and social malfunctioning later in life. There are four major ADHD remedial procedures that are a previously available: prescription drugs, behavioral modification, psychotherapy, and ADHD diet in conjunction with homeopathic supplements.

ADHD Prescription Drugs

Dextroamphetamine, dexmethylphenidate and methylphenidate are psycho-stimulants used to stimulate the brain in order to increase brain activities in areas where there is neurotransmitter imbalance. Makers of the drugs claim that 80 percent of the recipients of the drugs are showing positive response. However, there are side effects to the drugs and prolonged use can be dangerous. In fact, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has put in place a black box warning concern ADHD drugs today. According to the FDA warning, prolonged use of ADHD drugs will result in the following: serious cardiovascular episodes, psychotic episodes, intolerance and varying degrees of abnormal behaviors and increased risk for suicide. Withdrawal from the drugs can result in depression or over-activity. Prolonged use can also result in drug dependence.

There is much evidence to suggest that the negative effects of psycho-stimulants outweigh their positive effects. Here parents feel doubtful of this intervention and they would like to find other ADHD remedies.

Behavioral Modification

This type of intervention works well if implemented together with other ADHD remedies. For children and adolescents this has three elements: special education treatment, classroom modification techniques and parents being trained for effective child behavior management.

Children with ADHD will benefit a lot from parents who are predictable, consistent, firm and who are good role models. Positive reinforcement of good behavior, establishing a structured daily routine, giving clear and simple instructions, reducing destructions (TV and video games) and engaging the child in mind-developing and constructive activities will greatly improve a child's behavior.


ADHD needs to be treated with at a holistic level because children are also affected by their environment. Family therapy is an integral part of the psychotherapy program for ADHD patients. Parents and other members of the family need to receive counseling to help them cope and adjust to living life with a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD.

Individual counseling, coaching and group support are some of the very essential ADHD remedies available through psychotherapy.

ADHD Diet and Homeopathic Medicines

A number of studies reveal that there is a connection between diet and ADHD. Food additives can worsen the symptoms of ADHD; Proper diet is required to balance the vitamin and mineral deficiencies observed in people with ADHD in order to maximize their brain functioning.

One of the best ADHD remedies is to eliminate junk foods and processed foods from the child's diet and to provide instead healthy, home cooked meals consisting of legumes, vegetables, fruits and grains. The diet can also be supplemented with specially formulated ADHD homeopathic supplements that have magnesium, iron, zinc and omega 3 and 6. Proper diet and taking homeopathic ADHD supplements is providing to be a better alternative to taking ADHD prescription drugs; it proved to be safe, effective, affordable and sustainable life treatment plan for ADHD.