The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of panic attacks. They are perfectly curable. Experiencing these attacks is frightening. Anxiety attacks are synchronous with panic attacks. Curing yourself of the terrible affliction is easy so long as you are aware of every aspect of the attack. The overt symptoms of it are:

• Increased rate of heart beats a pounding sensation.
• Excessive sweating of palms, feet or face
• Fear of contemporary doom.
• Intense nauseated feeling.
• Lack of sensation in the hands, face, feet and chest.
• Quickened breathing
• Inability to stay focused on even daily activity.

The cause of these attacks can be traced to:

• Little terrifying incidences and unsuccessful memories can start an attack.
• A traumatic experience in the immediate past, like a car accident.
• Thyroid related problems
• Agoraphobia or fear of open spaces.

The attacks can be kept at bay in more than one way:

• Stay away from trigger situations, being a short and good treatment.
• Accept past experiences that were terrifying and get over them.
• Get your thyroid checked by a doctor. You may be a victim of hypo or hyper thyroid
• Overcome your anxieties and fears of past and present.

Panic attacks can be pretty scary and ruin your professional and domestic life. There is a number of possible symptoms and causes of the panic disorder. There are lots of treatments, preventives and therapies that can be used to combat your attacks effectively and for good so that you can lead a carefree and happy life again.